Probable healing bug

I’m having an issue where attempts to heal Sid don’t work under any circumstances. Neither the base Stim skill, the Stim All (whatever it’s called) skill, nor the Stim Grenade will heal him. Further, even his own passive skill that allows him to heal 10% at the start of each round isn’t happening.

I’ve noticed weirdness around the healing skills in general. I have never seen the AoE Stim Grenade heal more than 1 person, even when multiple injured soldiers are within the radius. Other times the Stim skill simply has no effect, else I’m misunderstanding how it’s used. Is there supposed to be a range, e.g. “must be adjacent to target”? If no, it shouldn’t proc and be wasted if the target isn’t adjacent.

If anyone else sees similar behavior and finds a fix, please do let me know.

Overall, though, I am really enjoying Gears Tactics! I do wish there was a strategy layer a la X-Com, but the tactical layer is really well done and feels more intense than any turn-based game I’ve played (which is pretty much all of them). Maybe in 4 years Gears Tactics 2 will include a strategy layer where you fight for control over territory like the old Jagged Alliance games. :slight_smile:

EDIT: While I don’t completely understand the mechanic yet, I don’t believe the lack of healing is a bug. It’s in some way related to a soldier having to be revived during the mission and subsequently unable to heal past a certain point. For instance, If Sid has 3 health pips when he goes down and requires revival, he will thereafter only be able to heal up the full 2nd pip but not the 3rd. In the UI, the third pip is shown greyed out with a faint red X in it. I can’t find this documented anywhere and it wasn’t mentioned in the tutorial. If someone can explain exactly how the mechanic works, I’d be grateful.

I’m facing the first boss on ‘Experienced’ difficulty and have 2 soldiers down a pip going into it, and I’m just getting my ■■■ kicked. I’ve lost and restarted the boss 10 times. I’m going to try to run the whole mission again and get to the end with all soldiers at full health and give it another go (I’m NOT confident, though, because I’m not even coming close to beating him). If I can’t get it, may have no choice but to drop down a difficulty level, which would suck and make me feel half a man!

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I’m having the same problem. You’re right if the health pips have X’s in them they will not heal. Frustrating.

I also doubt this is a bug. This looks to be an intended mechanic. Each unit has 4 squares in their health bar (regardless of total HP). When a unit is downed they lose one of those bars so they lose a portion of their max health when revived, and the X is there to show you they have lost that for the remainder of the mission.

Yes, it’s definitely working as intended and it makes good sense. A solider who loses 95% of their health shouldn’t be right as rain because Gabe tossed him a stim.

If anything, I wish that badly injured soldiers (not heroes) had damage persist for a mission or two. Or perhaps some sort of fatigue mechanic like X-Com to prevent you from taking the same soldiers on every mission. As-is, I have a full roster of soldiers, 2/3 of which have never been on a mission because there’s no need to take anyone but your best trained and equipped soldiers, as they’re always perfectly healthy.

That’s assuming they don’t die, of course. And though I’m playing ‘Experienced’ difficulty and “Honest Man”, I have only lost 1 solider. Additionally, I had to restart the first mission because I let Sid die. Other than that, I’ve completely every mission except the first Boss battle with no deaths or voluntary re-starts.

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Try to use Bandages or Syringes to get that health back…
Oh wait the sec… sorry… wrong game…

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