Pro tip : Picking a body up as a meatshield in PvE grants you elite drones grenades (shock/flashbang), making RNG less of an issue

This goes for when you down them or vault kick them. Instead of executing them, just pick them up. It makes strats that relied on RNG such as them dropping flash bangs or shocks consistent.

Doesn’t work for DB’s though, because DB lives don’t matter apparently.

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What is RnG?

Listen to XJ9 here he’s just underneath me on a few leaderboards ;p with the XJwife or whatever the second tag was XD

You know the fabricator SELLS grenades right?

I didn’t know there was Fabricator in Escape. This is new to me. I learn new things every day.


This was a common strategy and knowledge, if you’re the kind of person who plays high levelled Escape. Inconceivable, Master… etc. Same works for Elite Grenadiers for Flashbangs and Elite Snipers for Shock too. Seems nearly always better to meatshield than execution. Even melee combo, followed by meatshield.