PRO skins for Madden victim families

TC, it would be incredible if you did a special on the PRO football style skins and gave a percentage to the victims families of the tragic Madden shooting in Jacksonville FL. I personally would buy multiple packs in support and I’m sure I’m not alone, Madden players have the same passion for their game that we have for yours and I think some TC support
for them would make me even more proud to be a gears fan.


I completely agree,

However I dont think they have any football style weapon skins except Gearsball. But i feel they should put the trashball Gear pack as a paid option only to raise money for the madden shooting victims.

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I would buy some as well!

are you talking NFL Skins ,because the NFL would want a lot of $$$ in order for TC to do it

They have the optic gaming, fable, ghost gaming and other character skin packs(football skins), TC could donate some of their “cut” on those specific packs to the families.


Or Esports Pack revenue for that matter perhaps.

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Done this way would be perfect

Why don’t you look for a charity organization that are helping the victims of the madden incident ?

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I think the whole point is to assist with fundraising by tapping into the Gears community. This could either be done independently of other charities who are fundraising for the Madden tragedy, or could be done in conjunction (i.e.: TC collaborate with an existing fundraising effort).

I suppose the only issue I have, is that Gears is a shooter and given the nature of the tragedy, maybe it’s best for TC to not do anything tied to Gears.


I’ll try not to soil the thread but I agree with you and as someone who has been a fundraiser for many charities, it saddens me that people tend to take a “what do I get out of it?” approach to charity. I’ve never been able to raise more than $1k without giving away a prize to donors.

I’m not against TC fundraising. I’m actually very much FOR it and would donate my time to helping them. But, I wouldn’t do it just for tragedies that happen to be getting a lot of press. There are situations and incidents that affect a GREAT number of people on a daily basis that Americans have no interest in so they don’t get much press in the news.

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I think it’s more tasteful to simply put out skins and have the profit go to the donation instead. Making football skins in memory almost seems tasteless for another, non-football game to do.


If TC did this I wouldn’t mind either. It just grinds my gears when players take this incident as an opportunity to use it to buy packs. If you want to buy the packs then buy them don’t use this incident to justify your reason to buy packs under the guise of it’s for charity.

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I think it’s a fair point to make, but I think we need to take a pragmatic approach when looking at the general population and fundraising.

Thing is, some people do want something in return for a donation. Or at least are incentivise when they get something, or the chance of such as via a raffle.

Also you’re using Gears as a means to promote the fundraising effort to people who would not proactively seek it out. Many people will have heard about the tragedy, but this hasn’t gone beyond a “oh that’s terrible” reaction. Some people may not even have heard about it.

You’re also turning something that the Gears community would normally do anyway (buy packs) to raise money for a good cause.

And finally people tend to respond positively when they hear that the profits of something they have bought goes wholly or in part, toward a charity. Where someone would normally have bought 3, they may decide to buy 4-5 instead because it’s benefiting charity.

To me it would look like tc and microsoft trying to score brownie points over a shooting. EA and whoever else makes madden should be choosing whether or not to make a fundraiser for the families, No one needs a skin in gears of war to give money to a victims family.

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The reward you get for donating should be that you’re helping people it’s really sad that people need to be incentivised to donate.
I would classify this as an incident not a tragedy.

The reason people say this is because this happens on a daily basis in the US and nothing gets done about it. What has changed since Aurora, Sandy Hook, Orlando, or Las Vegas tragedies?

I agree, that’s how it should be. But the reality is that it’s not. The question is should charities adjust their behaviours in fundraising to fit in with the behaviours of the general population? It’s much harder to change the mindsets of people and it takes time and fundraising events like this occur in a specific time. Charities want to maximise fundraising, so it makes sense for them to adjust their tactics to fit with the population.

You make a solid point I concede on this point.
As for your question the answer should be no in this case. Incidents like these happen all the time in the US. People only have a certain amount of money and poverty is an issue in the US.

Yeah definitely. I read that there’s been nearly as many mass shootings in the US as days passed this year so far. I think what will stand out with this one, is that it took place at an eSports tournament - perhaps this will resonate more strongly amongst gamers? Who knows.

I doubt that. Most shooting should resonate with people since most of them care for their friends and family and wouldn’t want them to have this happen to them.