Pro player mash up

Just a curiosity on my part and would like to see what others think…I’d like to see someone like identivez and phenomz play together or verse each other…anyone else got a pro player pick they would like to see even if it ain’t possible?

EnVii v OpTiC Gaming.

I’d put up the whole $250,000 prize as well :+1:

/on a serious note-

I’d love to see a pro player free for all, Gnashers Only :+1:


I know who would have my vote.


Phenomz is not a pro player. Montagers tend to have a style that emphasizes finesse and entertainment since they’re aiming for views more than wins.
Pro players are more efficient since their pro careers rely on the W.

If you want to see different pros face each other you only need to sub to them on YT or twitch. There’s a ton of uploads out there of guys like Sumuns, Identives, Domez, Avexys, etc playing each other 1v1 in GBs. Really great stuff if you’re into learning technique.

Just cuz phenomz makes montages and isn’t in the official esports doesn’t dispute pro player skill level…can u wall bounce as well as him with consistent aim and rarely ever rolling or sticking to a wall by accident? I meant pro in terms of skill…yes that includes a lot of esports players but don’t count someone skill level out just cuz theyre not signed

I don’t know why you seem to have taken offense. I’m a fan of his and have been subbed to him for a long time but there’s a difference between what he does and what a pro does. “Pro skill” is misleading because being pro is not about how talented you are, it’s the fact that one makes money competing in esports. He’s not a pro player, by definition. That’s not a slam.

Funny coincidence, as I’m typing this I’m in a party with two Gears montagers and they both have played against him.