Private Sanguino dialog bug

Doesn’t seem like reporting this now will do any good, but what the heck. It seems like Sanguino is playing lines of dialog meant for perfect active reloads when you first start reloading your gun. When you first go to reload your gun, if Sanguino says something, rather than some variation of “Reloading!”, he’ll say something like “Good ■■■■,” “Sweet,” or “Nice!” The only thing it seems like he’ll ever say when you actually get a perfect reload is “Let’s do this!”

So hes still bugged that’s great to know :smirk:

I also found out Paduk says the wrong line in guardian when downing the leader. When you down the speaker he’ll say stuff like “hey the stupid cog leader bot is down, someone fix it”


Private Akagi might be similarly bugged. Seems like the only thing she’ll ever say when you go to reload is “Okay.”

Have been using him of late, the heavy armoured one is a cool as hell skin but yeah Is a few voice line issues.

Last I checked the Kantus and Skorge also have this problem.

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