Private predator hunt removed

Where did private predator hunt go? It was available last week

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Event ended on tuesday. Don’t think it was supposed to be in custom and TC never commented on it.

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But it was there so why bother removing it

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Awh what a shame. Its actually good being able to change the maps lol.

TC doesn’t keep mistakes we benefit from around lol.


I didn’t play it but the Wakaatu can’t even spawn on certain maps and from what I’ve seen there were quite a few bugs.

Classic Horde also appeared in custom when OP5 started and back then Michael said they were still working on the tuning/balancing. Yet it never appeared in customs so I guess TC doesn’t want us playing Events unless they’re in the mood for it.

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Every mode from pvp to pve should be available in private once they officially make it

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Would be nice to play the Terminator Horde event for the first time since 2019.


It was honestly fun, although my first game everyone left except one Emile we still beat it and had a blast(I was Sarah Connor cause I just had to)

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Was hoping aswell that predator hunt was going to stay ,til TC did politely state that it was going to go on for one more week,liked it a lot due to no robots,but I’m on your side Op 100 per cent

I’ll miss it in custom. Playing it on other maps with a fabricator was a lot of fun, possibly more fun than frenzy. The waves were brutal at times

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They started doing that… whenever there’s a horde event, the playlist gets added to private matches. Same thing happened with jingle juvies.

Problem is, TC don’t set up the same strict rules for private matches that they have in place for the events (like only being able to play on pahanu, tons of juvies spawning… things like that) so it turns out that most of the event features don’t work. Even progress towards those comic book skins didn’t count in private matches, so it was just a almost pointless addition.

Anyway, it seems to be a temp addition for ppl to play around with but that’s all.

It was the enemy spawns that were fun though. Didn’t matter that progress didn’t count for the skins, it was just a fun alternative option to run in custom. Anyway, it’s gone and i’ll stop crying now haha

My issue is that 1.) the progress should count towards whatever event is active, and 2.) we need more variety in private horde game modes.

I agree they were fun, but I think that stuff should stick around and even the older stuff, like,the terminator event should be accessible from private horde forever. Only having horde or horde frenzy gets old and it’s been boring for the longest time now. If we had access to classic horde (even tho it wasn’t too classic), the last event which spawned a decent amount of juvies, and/or the terminator modes, it’d break up the same ol boring stuff. If it won’t count towards event medals, fine, but at least give us permanent access to those other modes!!

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PVE NEEDS CONTENT and they remove this?
Just stick in custom together with classic horde.


In the current state it needs fixes more than anything. At least 3 of the reworked passives don’t work, certain cards don’t work,Decon-rooms taking, Ghost-flashes on certain Escape-tiles, Dupe classes causing issues and the list goes on and on.

On top of that 4 out of 5 Support classes deserve some slight buffs.

Coalition won’t do that. They have a hard on for vs and gnasher changes.