Private matches ideas

  1. The option to set loadouts. Start the game and spawn with particular weapons and an option for standard. It could be a horizontal bar above “weapons” when changing options before hosting the game. The other weapon slots beneath it allows you to choose the weapons you wish to spawn with. Selecting “Standard” at any point will reset all weapons.
  2. Headshots only opyion and whether they result in a headshot.
  3. An option that allows you to set all weapons at once. Going into Game Setup > Weapon Substitutions, There should be an option above boltok called “ALL WEAPONS” that changes every weapon in the list. Scrolling left to “NONE” on that option would reset the weapons to their original state.
    4.Map Cycling like that of Gears 1. To allow rotation of certain maps.
  4. A button that allows you to see all the settings of the game before you join.
  5. The host of the game able to pass on host rights to another player.

Feel free to add your own.