Private Horde issue?

so since the update for every 5 games on jump in private Horde once I spawn in the lobby I get kicked to the xbox home page3 times

Has anyone else have this issue it also kicks any party members I have basically only been able to play private horde if I host the match super annoying when I just want to join a game in progress and help out 3/5 team

Lots of people and I don’t entirely think it’s servers. Maybe they screwed up the games code. with the last update.

“Pretty good job so far”

I know it’s the wrong game but it’s still funny :stuck_out_tongue:


Uhhh… that came out of nowhere. What’s disgraceful. I’m not even defending The Coalition. The closest I’ve done to that is say they discussed something on the live stream. I’m no hypocrite, and yeah I’m a casual player, but I’m not one of the ones who are “Nerf this because it’s too good a weapon and we can’t compete with the pros.” I bought the game for the campaign anyways, pvp multiplayer for me is just extra, and the gears campaign is also meant for more casual players, but not in the “Here is something so easy you can beat it in five minutes.” However, when I look around and see the players bickering amongst themselves because of a difference in playstyle preference, it gives me the impression that this game’s failing isn’t entirely TC’s fault, but that we, as players, are just as responsible. Obviously, TC bears more of the blame, but when players are quitting games because a person isn’t high leveled or are new to the game, those players will never improve by seeing how other players play. As hardcore gamers, is it not the responsibility of you to welcome the new generation into the franchise, and help them learn the ropes…? And as new players, is it not your responsibility to learn the strength and weakness of every weapon rather than immediately calling out for a nerf because you can’t manage to get an elim? But no, I’m just as pissed as everyone else here at the coalition. And if it’s something I said elsewhere, rather than bringing it into another topic, why not quote the post there and reply to me from there as well?

And I also want to clarify. We are all entitled to an opinion, but you start having problems when you treat your opinion as fact

no that wasn’t an attack on you man lol it was if true another mess up on TC that’s disgraceful
apologies if you took offense that wasn’t meant that way

disgraceful on TC

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Alright, but I still feel that way to be honest.

Not about thinking you were attacking me, but that the players are also a problem with gears 5 currently.

it’s cool brother, I usually type fast responses cause i’m a work but we all feel like that

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I had to edit my post to fix what I was saying, by the time I finished editing you had already replied again.

I was waiting for you to respond I never attacked anyone on these forums didn’t want to log off and find out I’ve been flagged for a misunderstanding

happy gaming

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