Private Control is forcibly set to 4v4

Why? Why is that? Why is it forced into 4v4 in PRIVATE?

I already find it annoying that Private 8-player FFA doesn’t allow full loadouts as an option, now this?

laughs in TC


Probably oversight on there side

Probably, since there’s only 8 spectators, when normally missing players get added to the spectators, such as 2v2 Gnashers having 16 spectators.

Yea sucks

laughs in Microsoft

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laughs in Walmart

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Is public control just 4v4 too or can that go up to 5v5?


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It’s 5v5 but every social lobby is dead or almost never fills up so you rarely see it

Also Escalation has been set as a 4 vs 4 in private :upside_down_face:

You gotta be kidding me.

Last month it was a 5 vs 5, the 8/3/2021 was a 4 vs 4, we were 10 and 2 people had to spectate lmao
I don’t know if that was a bug, we never tried again

Control was a 5 vs 5 btw, I’ve never seen it being 4 vs 4, maybe it is an update

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