Private Casan new meta

Must be that then. As the guy literally had it going non stop in the developer stream match I played

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There’s supposed to be a rate limiter in there. Maybe he’s working around it. We’ll figure out how to prevent this. That sounds super annoying.


Fantastic :+1:

It is extremely annoying.
Thank you


Yup. I spam ‘Group Up’ as Keegan in escape when I’m looking to pop my super! 4 or 5 times then I’m hit with a 10 second cooldown.

Edit - and I see Node has already confirmed there is a rate limiter!!

Players will get sick of using the laugh, he probably barley unlocked the character. As far as the DeeBee I won’t use him, he won’t shut up on his own. Running up and someone it will scream out " good day citizen" or what ever if feels like it wants to blurt. Or when you hiding behind cover not moving, it’s starts talking lol. Some of the shitz is funny though.

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It seems the laugh is longer than the others? or just this one glitched. Ive had it a few times

I’ve not heard this warcry of a laugh. But if it as is described in this thread-- I don’t want it to be limited.


Lol. Have you spammed voicelines? I definitely have and I am very aware of the message that will appear if you do. I could screenshot it for you if you’d like, but I’d prefer you not to dismiss facts simply because you haven’t witnessed them.

I haven’t.

But I’ve experienced it being spammed, so clearly there’s a way to work around the cooldown.

It’s all about how fast your spamming it. I imagine there is a timer with however many of voicelines you can do and then it refreshes afterwards. I don’t think it’s terribly long.

I think there should be a limit of like maybe 1 “antagonistic” voice line per life. Or you can only do it after you get a kill or elimination perhaps?

The ones like “group up” are useful and I only ever hear them spammed if people are ignoring the request, which is fine.

It’s really only the antagonizing ones people are spamming. Like the guy I mentioned doing it from the second the game started until the moment it ended.

I get that it annoys some more than others too. I suffer from chronic pain in my head, and repetitive noises irritates the condition, so I’m more sensitive to it than most.

It is course also is just obnoxious and irritating to me on a personal level too. Although I’ve never been fond of repetitive things.


Necrobump. I hate Private Casan and her awful laugh. Just had a game where that was the one thing I heard all match. I’m going to be packing up my things and going for a walk soon to reflect on life.


Lizzies Laugh > Casans Laugh (in a good way)

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You ever run into a team that consists of 2-4 Casans? It’s the ■■■■■■■ worst. The entire match they’ll be spamming that horrendous, obnoxious laugh. It was funny at first but now it just needs to stop.

Unfortunately the cooldown only lasts ten seconds, and takes about 4 - 5 line uses to kick in. It doesn’t help the annoyance at all.

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Holy ■■■■ it does sound like Fenneko.

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