Private Casan new meta

That laugh haunts me in every match. It’s like a bell toll that guarantees a COG win.

TC plz nerf


I agree. Either give us an option to mute emotes, or make it so you can’t spam it on loop constantly throughout the match.

This crap is infuriating.

When I played in the dev stream, there was an idiot spamming it every second throughout the match.

I made a text chat comment asking him to please stop it. He ignored me, but both octus and Dana laughed at my message and you could tell they knew why it annoyed me.


It’s a good thing you don’t play L4D on PC. That is an emote (voice line) nightmare.

It’s even more annoying when people feel compelled to do it after I’ve only done it once or twice. Talking about Gears this time.

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Man good thing all my time on L4D2 Versus was on console. Eventually got it on PC for the mods though.

It’s all mind games but yea it does get really annoying


There isn’t a cooldown on spammed emotes?

Not for voice expressions


More like vocalize player death.


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You clearly haven’t been stuck with a [insert unfriendly word of choice here] who uses that annoying laugh a couple of times every wave in a Horde match.

I actually like the laugh. I thought every emote had a cool down.

No. It can be spammed as soon as your character has finished it.

And once or maybe twice within multiple waves isn’t a big deal. But if the player does it every wave, multiple times, it very much gets obnoxious very quickly. Now imagine putting up with that for all 50 waves. Or just the first 30.

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Voicelines do have a cooldown after they have been spammed some number of times consecutively. Of all the things to be bothered about in this game I think you’re directing your frustrations towards the wrong thing.

Also if you think that laugh is bad…listen to Keegan’s.

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Whenever a player does that, I just quit. Those people probably aren’t good at the game anyway.

Lol, don’t play the character very often but I love her to death.

This is false. As I said, I played in the developer stream and there was one guy who practically had it on loop throughout the entire game.

There are tons of problems with the game, sure. That doesn’t mean people can’t complain about obnoxious things like this.

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Something is off here.

I have definitely seen a cool down message when playing around with friends. It’s 100% true that something triggers an emote cool down. Either the laugh is treated differently from a voice line, or it’s some kind of bug where some people can spam.

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I’ve seen a cooldown too when I’ve spammed an emote :smile:

My thoughts are people should just lower the volume of character dialogue if it bothers you. The game has bigger issues that need to be dealt with.

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It does, but adding a menu option to disable it isn’t a time consuming job.

Good to know that character volume can be turned off to not hear it. But then you’ll miss out on important audio like “incoming frag!”