Pride Weapon Skins

I wanted to get the Pride weapon skins that I didn’t unlock during Operation 3 but they’re not purchasable. Is this a mistake? All the other skins (apart from tour and re-up rewards) are available to buy, so why not the Pride ones?

They should be craftable with Gears Coins but I have to check. They used to be craftable with Scrap.

If it’s available to buy it says ‘purchase in store’ but the Pride skins say ‘not purchasable’.

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I may have confused with Pride Omen, or maybe there’s both.

This is the skin I mean. It’s the same for all the ones I don’t have:

Yeah, it’s very weird. I looked in Store and it’s not there under ‘Weapon Skins’. I can’t help you with that but I remember them being craftable in last Operation.

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