** Previously GEARS of WAR MAP Packs **🌟

:sparkles:Does any VET players remember when GEARS put out MAP PACKS back in the Good ol GEARS daysLike: I Think G4 had the MOST Maps out of ALL. :robot:
I HOPE GEARS V can CREATE more maps to add to their collection.
Similar to GEARS 4 that added a WHOPPING 12 per year

-G2🌟Combustables -(3)**
*Flood, Gold Rush, & Fuel Station

-G2🌟Dark Corners (7)**
*Allfathers, Garden, Highway, Memorial, Sanctuary, Nowhere, War Machine, & Way Station

*Tyro Station, Subway, Mansion, (WARTORN) -Gridlock, Canals

-G2🌟 - SnowBlind - (4)**
*Underhill, GrindYard, x2 ver. of Fuel Depot

-G3🌟Forces of Nature (5)**
* Jacinto, Aftermath, Artillery, Cove & Raven Down

-G3🌟Booster Map Pack (5)**
* Azura, Rustlung, Blooddrive, Clocktower & Bullet Marsh

-G3🌟Fenix Rising (5)**
* Anvil, Depth, Escalation, Academy & Slab

-GEARS JUDGEMNT🌟Call to Arms (4)
*Boneyard, Overrun, Bloodrive, Terminal

-GEARS JUDGEMNT🌟Lost Relics (4)
*Lost City, Museum, Checkout, Ward

-GEARS 4🌟DLC (24) 12NEW MAPS per Year
*Permanent DLC map ownership of 24 additional maps ((x2 per month for a year)

G2 - WORN GridLock


Dont forget about Fenix Rising from Gears of War 3! If memory serves, it released in January 2012 with the maps Escalation (loltrashmap), Academy, Anvil, The Slab and depths.

Nowhere near as good as Forces of Nature though.

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Oh Snap, I forgot those, Ill try n look for to add…LoL
Ok I added to the List :sunglasses:

this map is AMAZING (for single life modes). It was one of my favs in Gears 1. Definitely not a respawn type map


lol old man


And that right there is why you’ll never beat me


That forces of nature map pack was elite man

Just thinking back nostalgically of the fun I had on some of those maps with my bro and friends after school :sunglasses:

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I sure wish TC would bring some of these babies back…lol