Preview for ToD2?

I thought I read somewhere we were going to get a preview of the next Tour. Any word on that?

I wouldn’t be surprised if TC do what they did when they added the nee characters, by which I mean say that they are gonna give us details one week then not actually tell us until on the actual day.

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I haven’t heard anything man … only that the store prices are way up high in the clouds !!

only the butlers from Richie richs mansion can afford such skins prices.

Isn’t Bunny Marcus worth it though?

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my man. @SaffronSnail276

My official instance towards this subject its that I’m not going to buy Bunny Marcus or any variant of Delivery Driver Mac or sexy Leather version of GENERAL RAMM , until the game its fixed and on horde im able to select whoever I want and I could use any weapons from the fabricator I choose to.

if they do that… Ill buy bunny marcus , heck !! Ill even buy it for you man .

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Just finished watching the latest developer stream, not much info was given re TOD2 (other than to look out for next week’s What’s Up) but Ryan did appear to let slip that Kantus will be one of the characters that will be added (maybe :joy:).

what I took away from the stream was

  • Kantus character
  • Myrrah character
  • new, more responsive movement system scheduled for Operation 2

I’d be happy just to get a Locust Drone, to be honest. Any Locust will do!


You and me both brotha!

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