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Pretty serious glitch with the Gnasher

Noticed after reloading the shotgun it only fills 1 bullet, this has happened 3 times now. The first 2 times i thought i miss-pressed the RB button but noticed on the third time only 1 shell was reloaded causing me to instantly reload again after the first shot. Anybody else had this?

Also noticed the boost no longer works after i finish a game, not that i mind as levelling rewards you with nothing

Turns out not so serious


It’s part of the active reload now. You have to get a perfect active to receive a full clip.

No, I’m not joking. This is a thing now.


You just blew my mind


Yeah, it caught me off guard in the tech test. I usually got 3 billets on a reload if I messed up but I’m guessing it’s also possible to get 1. Not sure though. But lacking a full clip is indeed by design in certain circumstances.

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Never seen anyone mention this, news to me. Not sure if i’m a fan of this

It was mentioned quite often during the technical test but I haven’t seen much of it since release. You should be able to get used to it though.

Yeah probably, seriously surprised i havn’t heard of this though :thinking:

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Normal non-active reload loads 6 shells

Active (before or after the “perfect active” mark) loads 3 shells

Perfect active loads 6 shells

I’m not sure if there was any situation that only loaded a single shell, I don’t recall that being mentioned anywhere.

It’s quicker to do two 3-shell actives than a normal non-active 6-shell reload.

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Yeah, 100% it was 1 shell, not sure about the first 2 as i didn’t see them. If it happens again i’ll take a picture

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I don’t think that’s supposed to happen but with TC anything is possible at this point.

Forgot to mention there is NO damage or range boost for gnasher with a perfect active, just the privilege of the full 6 shells


That’s actually garbage. Can’t believe that is in this game. Trash ■■■ multiplayer

I’ve had the auto reload happen when it was full…and in Gears 4…and in the MCC collection, It’s weird.

Never noticed this yet, have noticed that i’ve been killed multiple times and when the kill cam shows the kill, the player wasn’t even aiming at me or BARELY and yet I still die even though I shot em twice close range with the Gnasher, baffles me how the problems in Gears 4 end up in Gears 5 again