Pretend i'm dumb, but.. Which cards to use?

Post is same as title - Pretend i’m dumb, but… Which cards to use?

The classes i’m looking at are the…

and Striker.

What are the best cards to use for them? And… For Horde/Escape? (Asking that part specifically for the Architect, anyway.)

Good luck on architect, slugger, and striker

For protector I use
Bloody Blade
Big Knife
Close Range Recharge
Regenerative Field
Drop Shield Duration.

Good for both escape and horde.

Just to add, that there’s an argument that leaving out Big Knife is actually beneficial. The logic is that as the Protector’s passive ability is that they heal as long as there are bleeding enemies around (I don’t think there’s a limited range; and this differs to the Blademaster who heals on melee and melee-bleed kills), so it’s in your interests to have at least one or two enemies around who are alive but bleeding so you can constantly heal and stay alive while you chain more hits. Having Big Knife on means that you do more damage which kills them quicker and you don’t heal for as long.


I had heard about this tactic. I would have to try it out sometime.


In Escape I use the following cards
Regenerative Field / Halo
Hologram Extend
Hologram Lifetime
Stim Capacity

Deception is a beast card as long as the enemies are not facing you ( works very well with the Ult)


For those classes the more simple question is which card i don’t use.
With the exception of architect they all have 8 cards (two of which are score boost, hence worthless). That leaves you with picking 5 out 6 choices.

For escape architect I think there’s only 5 cards that are usable in that mode. For horde just use repair speed, fortification boost, and the ones that boost your ultimate are also handy.

Overall these are classes you don’t need to put too much though into, at least choosing the cards. It’s not like you can make more than 1 build like other classes.

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Protector is very good at escape even if damage resistance is a bit weak (outside his bubble)

Just to add that I am on the way to level up my striker (lvl13) and the bleeding mace is a must for horde (in frenzy it easy to buy it before wave 4)
This class is surprisingly efficient and fun to play with. Yesterday I killed my 1st matriarch in front of it in no time and it was so satisfying.
BM has far more damage resistance but striker with this card does not need perk to make the enemies bleeding.

And as said architect is fun with the hologram extension and deception

To be fair,isn’t that exactly the 5 cards that have a use in Esecape :wink:

For horde I would take out Stim Capacity and put in either Repair effeciency, Top of the line or Rootkit guess that depends on what you plan on building/doing.
Generally th escape setup is probably the best for the architect in most situations.

I tried it a few times now(maybe not in the perfect setting as it was onslaught, labyrinth and venom run)
I’m still stumbling over the lacking damage resistance with the Protector and it makes it harder to flinch the enemy.
So I’m sure it can work and I see the logic but I probably need a bit more of a tutorial lol.

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For the slugger the card usually left out is the Gold card.
That being said, please don’t be the slugher that throws Frags, or worse Shocks, everywhere.
It’s effective but it’s wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy annoying to everyone else.
Sluggers can do pretty decent sniping or using automatic guns and just using planted grenades and a modest amount of thrown ones.

For Striker I usually leave out the Gold card too.
Explosive radius for it still seems to be too small to be useful.

Lol true!

The same goes for Protector. These promo classes dont have enough cards to choose from.

I’d never considered this. I’ve never really had an issue playing as Protector in Escape because the Stim and Drop Shield are so frequent. But I can totally see the benefit.

Seems like the type of thread I can ask what is probably a simple question/answer…
How do I put the Silverback in Defence Mode.
Thank u in advance

It differs in terms of the passive ability yes, but not if you’re running the Blademaster Thrill of the Hunt card which works in the same way—healing and damage resistance from bleeding enemies within a certain distance.

I just wanted to clarify that in case folks though Blademasters don’t get healing from bleeding enemies.

Y button to go in to Defence Mode and Y button to come out.

Assuming you’re using a Default configuration on your controller.

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Score Cards :wink:

It’s weak as hell. the weakest class ever.

Too late to know, but better than people who refuse to play this class.

The logic itself is easy-understanding. It tends to more applicable in escape because you don’t have “more health” poison, but in horde, I tend to have Big Knife with other cards - the bleeding one, gnasher, stim, close range ultimate cooldown.

You’re better spending much more time investigating this card for sure. The explosive can cause bleed damage from the mace.

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I understand your purpose but no need to explain why this class is strong for escape. I know you know …
Of course if you think about soloing the Split I fully agree with you. Protector is weak … but protector is one of the classes you can rely on in any situation as a member of a team in any hive.

Striker of course I am a bit late and without some of you I could have probably miss to try this class.

To sum up I think both are quiete interesting, even if sometimes situational, to play with in a CQC mode.

To be fair I didn’t know it carries over the bleed, it does seem to have a pretty small range compared to the Brawlers all the glory though.