Prescott has not grunts or chainsaw/retro charge voice clips

First Captain Hoffman having Marcus’s voice and now Prescott has voice clip problems as well. Does TC ever test things before releasing stuff? Apparently not


He seems to be missing a lot of expected voice lines for many actions

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Thanks for mentioning it, we’re aware and working on it.


Hi Sera, unrelated question here, but where is Arcade mode? It’s missing altogether from the QP menu now.

I understand it’s been having some technical issues recently, is that why it was pulled? Do you know if it will be returning? I hope so because that was my bread-n-butter PvP mode in this game.

Thanks for any reply.

Keep an eye on our official Twitter and the News site for any updates :slight_smile:

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I’ve been watching it off and on but haven’t seen any mention of Arcade mode at all. Just logged in today and it’s gone.

edit: just found it in the patch notes. I’m glad its a temporary removal.

edit2: I really, really hope TC has the foresight to also disable any Arcade-only daily objectives while it’s gone! Pretty hard to “Win 5 Versus Arcade Matches” when it’s not there!

He built different

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Really disappointed this isn’t the Gears 3 Prescott voice actor. He was hilarious. This one sounds really generic.


the new prescott is pretty funny tbh


Heard he retired from voice acting

So naive.

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Nope. Dwight Schultz (VA from GOW3) is still doing plenty of voice acting and television work as recent as 2020.

The new, new VA is a lot more generic and boring, imo. Doesnt come anywhere near the hilarity of his GOW3 counterpart.

I mean how can you not love this sh*t lol

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I will never forget “Revive me” , “Well done, soldier!” and my personal favourite “Are you stupid AND blind?”

This new guy can’t hold a candle to G3 Chairman.

Edit - just listened again. I lol’d at “Wave to your little grub buddddieees”.

Criminal that they didn’t re-use this stuff.

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Back in the day, I used to purposely jam my gun so I could hear him yell “IT’S A PIECE OF JUNK!!” :stuck_out_tongue: The last 30 seconds of the video are pure gold too. It’s his retro charge sounds plus death screams from fire, easily the best out of any character IMO

And yeah, I agree. The quality of dialogue and one-liners is such a step down it’s almost depressing. The character model was always sick, but it was Dwight’ s performance that made the character so memorable in my eyes. Cant see myself using him too much in Gears 5, sad to say :frowning:


I liked it had some memorable / funny moments but personally I liked the GoW2 version a bit more

That is said by Illidan Prescottrage in 5.
But I miss the Gears 3 version.

Does he have any voice lines relating to any specific character(s)?

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