Preferred side option in Gears 5

Hey all. Anyone else like the idea of having a preferred faction in versus multiplayer? Because frankly, I’m kind of tired of playing COG 90% of the time. I know it’s randomized but damn it seems like I’m constantly playing COG. Thoughts?

I don’t agree at all.

I already disagree with Swarm because they literally erased all the OG locust characters and will probably add separate ones for $19.99 in the item shop, but yeah. This idea will just make the same thing happen with COG characters

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Although it does sound like a good idea, adding this to an already broken matchmaking system would be a disaster IMO.

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I have to second @III_Essence, it would complicate things further.

Personally I always prefer playing as Locust/Swarm. I’m grateful to have Gilded RAAM, I’m not a fan of the Swarm. Then again, they’re definitely an improvement on Gears 4’s Swarm.