Preferred Ranked Changes (feel free to add to it)

This post is for myself (and the community) to express desired changes for ranked to be a more enjoyable experience. I’ll list off my preferences, then explain my reason for said changes:

  1. adjusted ranked entry “fees”

  2. boom’s consistency (or lack thereof)

  3. classic escalation brought back to ranked

  4. allowing full squads in TDM

  5. the option to turn off damage percentages(when dead)

  6. trade longer wait times for unfair matches

  7. The win/reward ratio is far from satisfying. Doing well in a TDM match(in onyx) will grant 150-300 MAX while losing can sometimes be over 1000 rank lost, which makes ranking up incredibly difficult, even if you do well

  8. Boomshot has a tendency to be inconsistent with it’s splash damage/area of effectiveness. Sometimes it seems underpowered, sometimes it seems overpowered, depends on the round.

  9. Ranked is insanely lackluster as far as team-based play goes. The only thing you can really play as a squad would be king of the hill. Overall, it lacks variety and gets stale when playing with more than one friend. Old School, Gears 4 Escalation would be the perfect competitive, team-based game type, while also adding some variety to ranked.

  10. Aside from Escalation, TDM is the most team-based, strategic game type, so full 4-man squads would work incredibly well, however there’s a catch (at it seems coalition has got much better with it), only put full squads against full squads in order to prevent solo queues from constantly getting sweeped.

  11. We’ve all been there. We get into a gnasher fight, ready to chunk someone, but they get us and we did 99%…98%… All too often. Or sometimes you should have got the kill, but only did 86%. I know I’ve been frustrated countless times over that. I think an option to turn off seeing who did what percentage of damage would make the game slightly more relaxed.

  12. It seems to happen a lot more recently, where I wait a minute or so for a match and get lobbied up with a full stack of diamonds while I have a silver, gold, etc on my team (I’m Onyx 1) and obviously lose due the 4, sometimes higher rank gap. I would much rather wait 2-3 minutes for a decently fair matchup as opposed to quick wait times for unfair, one-sided matches.

Please take all of these with a grain of salt as they are my own recommendations as to what would make my personal experience better, without catering specifically to one person (as much as I could). Please feel free to add onto the list as you see fit

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Execution and guardian in ranked so we have some bloody variety.

Classic escalation would do too 5v5 though as you need the players with three rings imo for it to flow. But my favourite two would be the above.

Give it to me TC.

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Escalation, but not Guardian? Gross.

I myself never cared much for Guardian, but I do agree it would bring more variety to both rank and team-based play. That’s also why I welcome anyone to add their thoughts to this

Guardian is the GOAT game mode :sunglasses:


Blitz imo was the definitive mode that had the simplicity that KOTH had for casuals who didn’t really want the over complicated escalation rules and the strategic gameplay where one person had to be in the ring at all times to score. Made it so a team couldn’t just set up around a ring and call it a day you also had to choose who went in the ring. Was it your weakest link ? Which meant he probably was an easy kill if someone battled him in the ring or maybe one of your slayers who you could count on to hold it down but then it would be harder keeping people back since he’s in the ring.

Take out SBMM or tone it down. I’m cool with being in the minority with this one since it’s very accessible to play with a full team of your own with the LFG features and stuff but everytime I play gears I’m not trying to play MLG Columbus finals. It’s not to say I wanna play against jobbers all day but I liked how 4 did it. You played whoever you played. It didn’t go out of its way to give you the worst people but it also didn’t make it it’s life decision to put you against the sweatiest guppies every game. I have no problem playing them but it be 5-6 AM sometimes and I’m running into full Mexican teams locking everything down.

Take aim assist out. The best kept secret imo for G5 that people don’t talk about. As I’ve said before the skill threshold in gears has always been anyone could bounce fast during a battle but can you hit your shots while bouncing fast ? Can you do both at will ? G5 closed that gap with this strengthened aim assist where people who already had somewhat decent aim and bounce but maybe couldn’t aim too great off the bounce can now do it with ease. They’re being carried. And I don’t wanna hear that “ oh I play with it off cause it gets in the way with it on BS “ lol whenever I make a thread asking I usually get like 3 replies then it gets stuffed to the bottom. If you watch controller settings videos people usually never go to that tab of the options menu. Actually just 2 days ago avexys showed he plays with it on cause the tuning has some built in assist with it now whatever that means. So yeah either put us all on a soft aim assist like 4 had or take it off for everyone

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Pings above 100 should be banned from ranked and everything below that should be put in at least 4 different tiers that can’t be matched with each other. If your ping spikes too much mid-match you get a 1 day ban. The lowest tier should be 1-20.

Also, there should be an option that allows to avoid Wifi-warriors altogether.

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Please do this.

nobody cares that it’s not the most balanced competitive mode. we have fun playing it and that’s all that should matter.


You’d be surprised how many people still play on WiFi in 2021. This is also a problem we have in Mortal Kombat where a lot of the player base wants a WiFi filter. That could possibly work since it’s 1v1. But imagine trying to find 7 other people not on WiFi ? Lol if you play in stacks maybe it’s easier but you think all these full Mexican teams you running into in masters rank are all wired ? Lmaooo. You’ll never find a match so get used to staring at your character holding his weapon at the menu rather than playing a match

Tekken 7 got a wifi-indicator AND the option to decline playing against such “people”. The salt that decision created was gorgeous.

Quite ironic that Dana defended the new tuning by comparing Gears to fighting-games.

On MK we got an indicator but not the option to decline unless ping is over 150 ms. It could work as far as fighters go. I’m not sure how tekken does it but on kombat league with MK you play people similar to your level and a lot of times you end up playing the same 5 people. A WiFi filter would make it worse but I understand what people are saying. Asking for it with gears is asinine though lol you’ll never find a match

All I want is for the boom to be removed from ffa :sob:


All I’d like to see is Guardian back into ranked without any of the party restrictions.


I resent this. I’m on hotspot half the time.

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So that’s why you’re stuck in Bronze II :joy:

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Well the rank system is already way way to easy pretty much everyone I kno is masters…