Preferred Class Cards

I’m interested to know what cards everybody plays. I have every card in the game at 6, so if there’s a setup different than mine, I may be interested in trying it out.

Engineer: Decoy Cost, Decoy Health, Build Cost, Fortification Health, Overclock.

Sniper: Precision Rifle Capacity, Precision Rifle Damage, Called Shot, Explosive Headshot, Steady Hand.

Heavy: Explosive Launcher Capacity, Explosive Launcher Damage, Marked Damage, Last Stand, Thick Skin.

Soldier: Assault Rifle Damage, Grenade Damage, Grenade Capacity, Resupply, Cover Boost.

Scout: Deposit Bonus, Pickup Distance, Health Boost, Health Regen, Speed Boost.

You really don’t need precision rifle capacity on a sniper. I always used to run that, but ever since I was forced to take it off one time, I realized it’s not necessary. Get an ammo box every 1-2 rounds or just use a weapon locker. Total waste of a slot IMO. And you should definitely use headshot damage. I’d also replace steady hand with magic bullet. Magic bullet makes the Markza way too strong lol.

  • Engineer: I switch cards depending on the map but usually go with Barrier Cost, Sentry Cost, Sentry Capacity, Build Cost, Repair Boost.
  • Heavy: same as yours.
  • Scout: Dodge instead of Health Regen (only way to survive trishots while running on inconceivable).
  • Soldier: Rifle build.
  • Sniper: Headshot damage, explosive headshot, magic bullet, sniper strike, called shot.

I change them once in a while just for kicks but this are my regular builds.

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Do you really survive tri shots with that scout build on incon?

I get red pretty quickly just on insane…

Only way I found to resist it is sacrificing pickup radius for health regen.

If you’re at full health while running then yes, you’ll survive long enough to reach cover, but if you’ve taken some damage by the time the trishot targets you then nothing will save you.

I used Regen for the longest time until a friend suggested Dodge, now I can’t play without it. Regen and Dodge is without a doubt the best possible combination yet I found out the hard way than if you missed some power due to not having Distance and decided to go back, chances of you going down rise dramatically, call it fate, bad luck or whatever you like. Happened to me so many times that the only logical conclusion was to put distance back on.

I only ever really be the Sniper. But my cards for it are Magic Bullet, Explosive Headshots, Precision Rifle Damage, Headshot Damage and Called Shot.

With this build I feel as though I can put a lot of damage into bosses by headshotting them, and most enemies die in one shot when they’re marked with Called Shot before Magic Bullet card kicks in.

Scout-Health Regen/Health Boost/Radius/Speed/Deposit
Soldier-Grenade Plant/Greande Damage/Resupply/Siphon/Grenade Capacity
Engineer-Build Cost/Sentry Cost/Repair Boost/Salvage/Capacity
Sniper- N/A
Heavy- N/A

Any scouts ever tried using cloak?
It’s probably the only perk I’ve never seen used.

I understand everything you say. Been through all that.

On the other hand, I prefer tank role rather than collector. It’s not easy at all, nor as effective.

But It’s so much fun diving into ONE tri shooter or being boomshot on the face and walk out of it basically harmless.

On incon.

Completely useless in my opinion.

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I think at max level it might be useful, although I think that depends on how much and how long the damage boost when leaving the cloak is.
The card doesn’t really say.
I had an idea that doubled up with dodge and health regen, and obviously pick up and dep bonus it might make a good ambush loadout.
Hide in the middle of the map till an opportune moment arises, break cover, blast a few boomshot rounds, run and grab some power, slip back into cover and disappear.
Although I’ve only recently unlocked the card so the 4 seconds it takes to deploy the cloak is more than enough time for me to get mowed down.

Edit: and since I’ve never seen it used I have no idea if there are certain enemies like say snatchers that can see through the cloak. Or what happens when your whole teams gone and you’re cloaked, do enemies just wander around aimlessly till you break cover?

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That last part made me laugh. I really really really hope that’s the case and now I want to see what happens in a casual game by myself with cloak on.

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You could just sit there for hours till the swarm died of old age :joy:

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Carry Speed for days brah!

I honestly don’t even use any other cards.