Predictions for Operation 4

While I do agree with you I doubt it will happen. Anyone expecting more than 1 actual new map is probably gonna be let down. Between what we’ve seen in the past with maps(G4 season pass/G5) and how TC has described that it takes 6 months to develop 1 map and to add on top of this Dana saying at the beginning of Op 3 that they heard us about maps I dont have high hopes. We also have to add into the mix if they are gonna add 2v2 or FFA maps as well which will take away from regualr VS maps

I expect 1 new and maybe 3 remakes

Yup as you know we been over this, that’s about what I expect too.

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Dana said in the last stream they switched from tiles to maps about 3 months ago. We all know he’s been adamant that it takes around 6 months to create a new map. He said you won’t see the return on that investment until later down the road which I honestly believe is Operation 5.

I do think there will be be 2 remakes and 1 new map for Op4. They will put another disclaimer in the Whats up saying they understand the frustration but more maps are coming…etc.

They could surprise us and say 2 new maps and 2 remakes but they keep preaching about things taking time, I just don’t see it. I still think the new ranked system isn’t ready for Op4 launch either. Might come out during the Operation. I really hope I’m wrong.

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I hope you are too, but I also fear that you are right being as they have still yet to feel “comfortable” enough with the progress of it to say anything at all about it STILL.

Haven’t touched Ranked in about a month now as it is lol

Exactly. I think if the ranked system was ready they would say it to put everyone at ease. Then again they don’t talk about future content lol.

I think there will be a lot of QoL improvements. I look for FFA on all Versus maps, improvements to the Tour, further tuning with the Dev playlist and also implementing those changes into the actual game. We already know the 8 shot Gnasher is coming and they’re looking at movement next. I think the new ranking system will likely come over the next month or so. It has to. They will trickle out more characters this time. It sound like they’re finally giving Horde some attention.

I feel like Operation 4 will be lighter content wise but will stabilize a lot of features within the game and set up Operation 5, which brings a bunch of maps and the PvE overhaul.

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Obviously TC has a release plan for content already created. They drop feed it over the course of at least two years.

I wonder if they changed that plan and dumped a bunch of content in OP 4 if it would make the game feel fresh?

Would it then be old feeling less than a month later?

1 new map will be an automatic failure for Op 4.

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I don’t personally think maps are going to be the biggest deal. Not to me anyway - I’ve said it before in a different thread. No matter how many maps there is in the game, be it new ones or remakes, they won’t fix bad or repetitive/boring gameplay and balance issues. Of course, new maps are always better than remakes, I will admit that much. They do matter, but they alone will not make or break Op 4.

But lack of maps are a major part of that repetition issue.

Of course gameplay comes first, but maps also have to be a priority.


Op 4 “automatic failure” then, guaranteed.

Bring Back Guardian!!!

I think Tactics characters are likely, unless they come later with the Xbox launch of Tactics.

Otherwise I expect to see old characters that appeared in 4 at launch and have not yet come to 5. Like Anya, Dom, Sam, some others.

Also seems like there might be some changes to PvE, with it being a PvE-focused update for once. Maybe we’ll finally see what the Carmines can do in PvE.

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I’m hoping they dish out some serious PvE changes or at least give Ben, Anthony, and Gary some classes so they’re not PvP exclusives

One map from prev Gears game. One new one that will be as great as Pahanu.
No new things for PvE. New ranked that will be as great as the current one. New characters strictly for PvE. Some skins and emotes nobody asked for. :thinking:

please… may god have Mercy on our souls :cry:


From the start, I want Dom with GoW 3 skin, and Classic in a ToD. Second one is Paduk with a campaign skin, and Judgment/Aftermath in ToD.
Middle-OP, I want Sam and Anya, maybe Hoffman or Jace or Dizzy (so many great characters (not Griffin)).

Scorge, Gernander (with a Flame Grenader). And maybe Sraak and Armored Kantus.

And Classic Marcus and Cole skins, and GoW 3 Delta squad skins.

Avalanche (GoW 2) - characters had SO many winter skins, and we had only 1 or 2 snow maps. What a f…
River (GoW 2) - classic map, that I wait since GoW 3.
Blood Drive (GoW 2) - my favorite map.
Hotel (GoW 3) - one of favorites from GoW 3.
And maybe new map… a BRAND NEW map.

Make a pre-set of cards an the ultimate ability to choose on any character. And add a new sniper pre-set, and the ultimate - Hammer of Dawn (bring hammer back!!!).

Or make the real one new location, or just stop. It’s all the same map, that’s actually are boring.

I can’t stand that ranking system. That’s one from a long list why I dropped the multiplayer.


TC have already stated the following:

(1) Anthony, Benjamin and Gary will all eventually be playable in Horde and Escape.

(2) They will not have their own unique skillsets.

So this suggests that they will be able to use existing characters’ skillsets. In what form, we don’t know yet. Reading between the lines my theory is that we will be able to pick our character, then pick a preset skillset like JD’s current set of skills, or Kait.


Has anyone asked your Cole animation question on a stream? I am curious if it’s an easy port to all characters.

No clue. Not that I’m aware of. I mean, I remember in GOW4 that it took TC months to create new characters and they all shared the same animation styles and movesets. GOW5 uses a more complex physics engine (for things like hair and fabric movement) so I’d have thought that it’s not a straightforward job. But I could be wrong.


If they do that changes the lobbys will be a mess lots of randoms trying to play with the same roll as you but the game so allow it cause they have a different character they will break their own Meta

This is what fans have been asking for. They want to be able to play as whoeever character they want, and to not have any restrictions to the number of say, scouts, engineers or whatever. I don’t think it will break the meta per se. If teams want to finish Horde 1-50 on master then they will have to pick a team that has the necessary abilities so an engineer, JACK and some high-damage players will be needed.

Equally if a team want to try and complete it with 5 JD’s and no engineers/JACK’s etc, then they should be free to try.