Predictions for Operation 4

Man F#ck Gridlock(edit: @GhostofDelta2 STOP IT lol) .

As for River. I keep seeing people ask for this but I dont think people realize how bad that map will play, People complain about the lancer fire on Training Grounds, Icebound, Bunker and Pahni (or however its spelled) and I would add River to that list if they dont add more cover spots.

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Gridlock will be back. Someone spotted a screenshot of Gridlock being worked on a while back and I believe TC confirmed it was indeed gridlock in the pic.

Gridlock is probably the best map in gears history being featured in nearly every game.

I’m not much a fan of river other than being a great horde map, but I put it bc people want it like crazy and ANYTHING at this point will be worth while.

Another good idea would be the thrashball map especially for gridiron. I used to love that map, baiting someone to go under digger spawn and shooting the big scoreboard down.

I highly doubt they’ll ever remake Mansion, don’t get me wrong I love mansion, but the first maps they’ll remake will either be maps that were already remade in GOW4 (some of the GOW3 maps are also included in this) or that are favorites (mansion probably isn’t even top 10 on most people’s list my guy, hate to say it)

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: I know everyone has their own opinion but this made ma laugh thank you

Gridlock is trash and has been since Gears 1. There are SSSOOOOOOOOOO many maps that are better and deserve a remake

I venture a guess that almost all the remakes from GOW4 will be put into GOW5 at some point (I just hope they conveniently leave out Drydock but I digress) as its much much easier to remake them, so basically Gridlock/clocktower/fuel depot and most of the GOW3 remakes will be coming into GOW5 at some point or another. Its just too simple of a solution, why spend like 6 months making a new map or even remaking a much older map (ala GOW2/3) when you can remake a GOW4 map in half that time?

I do agree that Gridlock is stupid overrated (yes its good, but it doesn’t deserve a remake every damn game)but as its a highly popular map I put my money on it being remade; I hope its the last map to be brought into Gears 5 as that would probably make it not as boring as them say bringing it into OP4.

I just dont understand it. Im not saying all these maps are bad. Im just saying Im f$cking tired of playing them. And Im tired of “because its easy for them”

All we got in Gears 4 was f$cking remakes.TC needs to do better this time.


Gridlock is dope. I used to run this map on gears 1 everyday after school doing snipes only matches. It’s what started my gears career and has always been fun. It came out over a decade ago so I guess people forget how ridiculously popular it once was.

Maybe I overstepped by saying it’s the best of all, but there is a reason it’s been featured on nearly every game, and will be on Gears5 at some point.

I never liked it personally and think its one of the worst. I remember in Gears 1 a lot of Fuel Depot, Rooftop and Escalation lobbies.

Im just saying Im tired of remakes of remakes and remakes no one wants(Looking at you rustlung and drydock)

This franchise has WAY TOO many maps to keep getting the same ones over and over. TC already screwed us with all the remakes of Gears 4 maps that I feel we should be getting new maps and maps that havent been remade yet or ones that people are actually asking about


yet when those pop up in matchmaking you best believe people vote for them…

They could pretty much make all the maps remakes and still have plenty variety and interest, Gears has been blessed with great maps since its inception, so I would love it if they remade some of my personal favorites (Hail, Tyro Station, Highway, Sanctuary, Pavilion, Depths, Academy, Jacinto, need I say more?) but because they always insist on making the same handful of maps every game and they don’t like making too many remakes each game (I mean they made Pahanu for god’s sake, they are looking at the bottom of the barrel at this point) then I know none of them will ever be remade.

I kinda hope one day they do a Fenix collection (ala MCC) so that we can all enjoy Gears 1-3 in next gen, so that way we’d get all the remakes :slightly_smiling_face:

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You don’t have to put money on it, it’s confirmed. Sas shadows shows the leaked image in his OP4 predictions vid. Just not certain it will be OP4.

I’m all for original content, but given the direction TC is going with more remasters than new maps, I would love to see the return of maps like bullet marsh, mansion, subway, tyro station etc…so many great maps over the years. I don’t expect them to simply only remaster the same remasters from Gears4. If anything they will remaster more of the original gears 4 maps, and pick and choose good remasters from gears 1-3.

TC is already on very thin ice right now, I doubt we don’t see a new remaster from gears 1-3, something not featured on Gears4.

But again I would rather them revert to Gears3 days and give us a handful of new original maps everytime. I miss the map pack days.

Well as soon as he said a game mode that guarantees one thing wrong.

I am pretty sure Shadowz nailed the character predictions of Dom, Paduk, Skorge, and Grenadier.

I’d personally like to see Anya added at some point in the Op though… and of course despite no “new” mode as confirmed by Dana, still hope to see Guardian come back.

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I would love to see Ruins, No Where, Memorial, Old Bones, I can keep going. You put up some good maps as well

My thing is that if they keep remaking maps they need to do something to make them play different something similar to Judgments Blood Drive. I just hate playing the same type of matches on the remakes because they always play the same lol

I would love it if TC posted the real population #'s for Guardian and Escalation. I still dont and will never believe Escalation was more popular than Guardian

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I am sure Gabe, Sid and Ukkon will come… but personally I predict it won’t be until the week/next Op release after(whatever works out better) that Tactics gets ported to console, is when they’ll drop all 3, maybe even Mikaela, as a way to hype it.

I have said it many times, they could cheat and count the Esports tournaments as part of the Escalation numbers and it STILL wouldn’t pass Guardian, I guarantee it.

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A nice promotion for TC/MS to do leading to Tactics console release would be to release a Tactics character every week leading up to it. No totem to unlock them just hand them out.

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Well the idea that Old Bones would play like it did in GOW1 is a bit ludicrous to begin with, now I can’t remember the map for the life of me so in terms of how it might play in GOW5 you’d be better at speculation, but I think almost all of the maps from GOW1/2 would play drastically different in GOW5.

The logic of um ‘remaking’ a remake is controversial, on one hand you could say that if they made a few simple changes it might make it play far better in GOW5, on the other you gotta assume that making any significant changes increases development time and that many fans who loved the previous won’t like the new one so its a controversial topic.

I think if you are going to make drastic changes to a remake then I’d argue you may as well either just remake another map entirely (one that doesn’t need/warrant such changes) or just make a new map entirely.

You nearly forgot Sam?


I would be most happy if they did more to Horde, fixed all the little niggly bits that need it. Some maps and some characters.
Sophia with the Stim Grenade would be awesome, Hee hee hee, roll on comments…

Seriously though, just fix Horde.

And in Gears 6, make it right the first time. OK !!!

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Op 4 needs to have 3-4 new or non-G4 remastered maps. 2 won’t cut it this time around. Actually 2 would be an improvement.

We have 2 new maps after 9 months…