Prediction time!

VS and Horde will both have a class system (similar to OW and CoD BO 4). May be same or separate. Special abilities, killstreaks, the whole nine! Possible neutral boss/enemies within VS to stir things up. The “leeches” as some have dubbed them may show an appearance in Horde/VS.
Just throwing this out there before it potentially occurs.

I think MP needs to stay neutral.


I am open to all kind of new things to keep horde going but multiplayer needs to stay neutral and keep a team based game. The only time I liked anything other was submission back in gears 2.

Game modes I’m happy with trying new things.

However I think the population will stick to KOTH and TDM :+1:

King of the hill is where it’s at for me. I just want one ■■■■■■■ tuning! This core ■■■■ has to go.

Class in Versus and Horde could be one of the worst things that could happen.

I was thinking it would be neat if they added weapon attachments for horde but i think classes and perks and attachments need to stay out of versus

What region do you play?