PREDATOR in gears 5?


Game still needs Delta but hype if real.

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I thought the ■■■■■■ Predator movie already came out…

Did my research…cannot find ANYTHING. (As far as Predator in 5, not about new game).

Well new game is coming out (from the devs of Friday the 13th that had minimal content and they straight up abandoned that game).


Oh lawd no @OnyxCrimsonBlur. It’s happening, super smash Bros Xbox Shooter Edition. It’s really happening…


Dear god no. Do it in Killer Instinct or Mortal Kombat or something. Gears was not built for this.


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Only one man can stop this



I’d give you a like, but the site won’t let me cause I’ve passed the limit. So I agree.

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There’s a limit? Ouch.


Fun fact: F13 game was abandoned because of the lawsuit over the franchise rights halting new content, delvs can only do maintance and keep servers running until a settlement is reached, although they stated they may not add anything even when it’s reached. :disappointed:

Oh look, another series in its twilight that has been going downhill with each sequel.

Am I talking about Gears, Terminator or Predator?



D) all the above.

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Take my iron, TC!

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LOL, facts.

lol, they had content done they could push out before the court stuff started but instead they did a balance/fix patch that they could have still done while the legal battle was on-going.
I say “was” because the thing is over, twhe writer of the first film won and he said before the whole thing started he would allow anything F13 related to continue (because he’s now getting money from it all, why would he want it to stop?).
They were ready to clock out from the game before the lawsuit and had already a skeleton crew in place to maintain servers. It’s kind of annoying they have the gall to port it to Switch while we’ll never get that special mode based on the 6th movie or the Jason X stuff.
Have little faith in their Predator game. It’s PS4 exclsuive to boot, I give the game a year before Sony shuts it down.

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I’m in :metal::metal::metal:

Do you have a source for that information by chance? Not tryin to discredit, just a very huge F13 fan and the last I heard the suit is still on going and wont reach a settlement til sometime in 2020 is all.

Not big enough if you missed that it ended a year ago in October 2018.