Pre ordered in 2020 no cole now

I believe my steam receipt is for august 27th, 2020. It shows that I have the thrashball cole DLC. When I play gears tactics NOW, he doesn’t show up. I suppose after it forced me to use my microsoft account to log in, it no longer gives me cole. So how do I get him back? I shouldn’t be denied DLC i earned by pre-order just because I haven’t played the game in two years.

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There is something that I don’t understand: Did you play before, got Cole, stopped playing until now and Cole is missing?

Or you only pre-order the game, never played until now and you don’t have Cole?

First, I had the same problem but with Windows version (I don’t know about Steam, maybe the problem is the same).

There is a (sadly) common issue that for some days (or maybe one week) stops achievements for being tracked (every achievement that has a progress that can be shown, like Grubpocalypse, the 2 seriously, etc).

Cole acts like an achievement, and if you played while this problem is live, even when you get to Act 1 ch 4 Cole won’t be unlocked until the issue is fixed.

I was on Act 2 (don’t remember the chapter), but at the end of that mission I got Cole.

Cole is supposed to be available fairly early on in act 1, but it’s not a scripted event. On my first playthrough he didn’t join until midway through act 3. I’m not sure what causes this but I remember at the time I had problems with achievements tracking. Maybe there’s a correlation? I got him in act 1 in my second and third playthroughs fine though.

I preordered long ago, played the game, GOT COLE and his thrashball uniform. Didn’t really care for the game as i felt you were forced to build a certain way for the end boss fight. Then stopped playing for two years. I finally went to play again, then I had to sign into a microsoft account that I never had to before that I can remember, then I played a campaign again and never got cole.

So, yes, I once had cole, didn’t play for a long time, and now no longer have him. I had preordered on steam.

Sorry to read that. Because I don’t use Steam, I can’t help you, sorry

You can submit a ticket explaining yor problem here

(This doesn’t assure you that your problem would be solved, but it’s the right thing to do)