Pre ordered gears 5 no beta codes

I pre ordered the ultimate edition of gears 5 from gamestop and didnt receive a code,i was just curious about if yall gave gamestop codes and if so how do we get them?

They haven’t really confirmed other ways outside of Game Pass to get the beta yet. The only confirmed way right now is to have Game Pass.


Ordering ultimate edition provides access as well. No code needed.

Edit: I should add digital edition. It’s unclear on preordering physical copies.

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You actually don’t need to order the ultimate edition. Just preordering even the standard edition gets you into the beta as well.

The ultimate edition is just for early access to the game (Sept 6 instead of Sept 10).

I preordered mine from Best Buy and I didn’t get a beta code either.

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I read that you’d get beta access from “Preordering the Ultimate Edition, or by having Xbox Game Pass”, with no stipulation that it had to be a digital copy.

So I ordered a physical copy (I like the retailer I bought it from, and prefer to have a disc), so I gotta say I’m pretty miffed now if I won’t get beta access.

You’ll get more info when they show the E-League MP. I feel everyone will be able to play after 1-2 days.

That’s why I already spent £1 for Game Pass Ultimate, just to guarantee Tech Test. I am still thinking about getting Ultimate Physical copy, later on.

Anyone getting Physical that wants Tech Test, could try getting Game Pass Ultimate for £1 / $1 / €1 then cancel later on. In the best case scenery, you may end up with 60 days of Boost, rather than 30.


I read an article a couple of days ago that said physical copy preorders from select retailers (including Gamestop in USA and GAME in UK) come with Tech Test access.

So I’m guesaing I’ll get an email from mine at some point with a code.

Amazon DE also has no clue about the Beta and I went through 8 Support services. None of them was able to figure out whats wrong. All they have said was that they are working on the problem. One day early I also asked for a Beta code and they told me I’ll get one within 24 hours … 24 hours are over and the funny thing is that Amazon deleted the Pre-Order/ Beta information of that game. It can be still found on the google search machine but if you click on it theres nothing. They even reorganised the whole Gears 5 Page on So I canceled my Pre-Order on Amazon and bought the Digital version via Microsoft Store.