Pre-Order Skins / Ice Block Weapon Set

I haven’t heard anything for a few months other than retailers have a 90 Day exclusivity for the Pre-order skins but for sure i’m not alone in wanting them added to the game. Especially the Carmine Tattoo one. Most people played Gears 5 off of Gamepass so many do not have access to these lancer skins. This would also include the Rockstar Energy drink Lancer skins

Here is a Master List of all of them

Also the What’s UP from Aug 2019 states the Ice Block set will be available in the store at some point. It’s now been 15 months since launch so i guess it’s safe to assume they have forgotten about this.

If enough people start asking about them then maybe they will finally get added. You can reach the head of communications at TC on Twitter here : @danasissons

I have tried many times but i usually don’t get a response from any of the Devs.