Pre Load confirmed for August - Most likely Tuesday the 27th

Via twitter reply rod confirmed that Gears 5 pre load will be this month. I say Tuesday for two reason:
Tuesday is when a lot of DLC, updates release.
I got a New Zealand gamepass ad telling me to pre install right now.


I wonder if changing to New Zealand region then pre-installing would allow to play from 10:00 am on 5th…


No. That stuff only works with dlcs. It has something to to with the factory number and stuff. I won’t pretend to be an expert but it doesn’t work believe me.

27th August?

Plenty of time to pre-download for release :raised_hands:

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It’s worth a try. If not work, then can always change region back.

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Make sure you post here if it works :eyes:


Ehh I can wait until midnight or whatever day. No need to rush it.

The pre-install ad has been up for me (UK) for about the past week… But I hope it is in August! I will need about 4 days to download it!

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Link to the post is here for the lazy.


Exactly xD me too xD

Any word on the size, if its 100GB+?

No, Rod has said multiple times that won’t happen again. I speculate 45-70gb range.

Where did he say this?

Yeah seriously. I mean with updates and any kind of content, it will hit 100GB eventually. The game itself will probably be 45-60 GB’s plus the day one patch will probably be 5GB’s or so.

The website indicates 80 GB of space needed to install on PC. Could it be the same for the One?

So I am guessing it hasn’t started to download as people are speculating?

Nope still at 100.8MB :unamused: I guess it will be avaliable around the 1st of sep​:ok_hand:

As long as there is a few days before early release it’s all good.

As long as it’s more than 2 days early then it’s all good because Microsoft’s servers aren’t the best …

I am not sure if that is accurate or just a placeholder. Hopefully will find out soon.