Pre-Game Lounge Area (Gears 5 Suggestion)

Hey guys!

Just putting something out there that I hope you guys or The Coalition themselves might like!

What would be cool to add to the game is a pre-game map or lounge area you can join before getting into a game where you can do things like:

  • Wallbounce around the map
  • Test your shots for different weapons
  • Test weapon and character skins

Different things like that!!
Let me know what you guys think!

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That’s going to increase the wait time though because you have to load the pre game.

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I’d rather a FFA lobby with ur current party of friends or a freestyle lobby like they have in Rocket League. Just you and maybe your friends on the map.

But I would like them to also tell you how many people you’ve found while searching.


Yeah it totally would! But what I mean is before you even go to search for a map, just something in the versus section that you can immediately drop into just fir a quick warm up and that!

I highly recommend setting up a private lobby. Maybe gears 5 will actually let you save settings this time so it’s faster. You can set them up however you want, whatever weapons, whatever mode, bots, etc to get warmed up. I used to do this before every vs season.

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I also hope they improve private matches, but the benefit of OP’s suggestion is that you can play and avoid being super bored or getting cold hands if you have long queue times. Would help immensely for high rank players, PC players, EU players and the like.

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Exactly this!!

I think the waiting lounge for queuing up should just be a Juvie screaming until you find a match
way better than any of these other ideas


I hope I can just find a match and play.

Anything else,

I can set up myself via private.

Imagine trying to load a map and players while searching - takes forever as it is and Xbox is so slow…


100% this.
I will oftentimes run privates while waiting for friends. Unfortunately, I recently forgot to lock the lobby, so I ended up with a full 10 man…A little awkward

Reminds me of fighting then sandbag in Super Smash Bros. Brawl while waiting for a match…

…I gave that damn thing some beating.

I like the concept but I agree with @Me0wMix_CatFood, loading the pregame match would certainly cause more delays, when in then rare chance you can find a match instantly upon searching.

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It would be awesome …