Pre download is out

Pre-Load is here. You may have to restart your Xbox. 53gb for me.



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Well, essentially 54GB. Plenty of time to download. Hooray! :blush:

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OMG OMG OMG!!! We can all move on with our lives now…at least for a week.


I’m on pc and just started my pre download but for me it’s 59.03gb total wonder why so many differences between download sizes

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The game dislikes you Dabs

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Higher quality textures most likely and perhaps the “Insane” settings.

PC version has added graphical abilities not found on the Xbox.


Different regions could have different languages packs or something small for specific places


Xbox one 57.72 gb but is this just for the starters or is this only part of it until sept 6 and then we get the rest so the game works?

Sweet, I’ll boot up the Xbox.

will be predownloading here in a few minutes ,thanks for the heads up

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Finished download. Just shy of 60 GB on PC.

Expecting between 150-180GB at the end.

As in a few years ye i would think so. but in the 6 months depending on what is gonna be added it i won’t believe its gonna be higher than 100 GB.
day 1 patch is not gonna be higher than 5-10 GB.
they only had 1 month to do fixing and tweaking they won’t be doing anything major.


GOW4is 134GB …

After 3 years in development and 4K textures for all game modes added, game can only be bigger not smaller then previous installment.

Plus on PC there is Ultra-HD texture pack to download.

You’re tripping, they already said 80GB, 100GB if you choose to download the Ultra texture pack.

I went to install Control, as it came to me from GameFly today, and I saw that it was on hold in my download area … and I was like, "what is downloading - " then come to find out that yes Gears 5 is installing …. with that, and also seeing the map selection they had for launch, pretty excited for next week to hit.

Did anyone get the pre order bonuses or ultimate edition content to download on console ?

Hang on… Can you guys pre-load on the windows store? Because I can’t, or is it only for those who bought early access?