Powerweapons in all team matches

I think it would be cool to make it so there is one power weapon per team one in gears color one in swarm color so it balances the power weapons so teams can’t have both power weapons teams can not touch the teams power weapons

That’s the aim of the game though, fighting for weapons makes certain battles interesting and chaotic


that’s kinda the point.

not to hate but i love these clickbait threads xD

I get what your saying whel4n but one team hogging both power weapons and other team gets dominated by power weapons all match long. it takes all the fun out of the game and some players hog them from teammates even and they think they can’t win without a powerweapon.its hard enough trying to get kills with out getting desemated by powerweapons all match long.

That’s the point in versus though. Due to esports being accommodated to gears, fun is no longer relevant to the overall experience in a game…

Only results. Thanks a lot other community members I’m going home now.