Powerdrive for Gnasher

Why isn’t the power drive execution only for markza and not for the Gnasher. Please TC, make a power drive execution for the gnasher or at least give it a unique B execution like Gears of war 2 golf swing, doesn’t take that long to copy paste a animation >3>

They probably wanted the Markza and many other weapons to have unique executions.

Maybe for Gears 6 but definitely not happening in Gears 5 as majority support and huge updates are no longer a thing.

TC doesn’t like much of anything Epic did so they go out their way to change unnecessary things such as this. Dude the executions in general are all kinda just cringe. I’m totally fine with the ones from Gears 1 to 3 but stuff like the Bastista Bomb, Psych Execution and Punt Execution just feels so silly to me.

Granted the game has a lot of silly stuff now Executions were Gears of Wars key branding.


Yeah its kinda weird that they put all the missing executions in the store besides the one the gnasher had. That execution hasn’t been in the store since the game came out.

Not to mention it just the gears judgement execution of the markza tweaked to there liking

What I wanna know is why are we STILL missing the loadout curbstomps listed as STARTER.