Power tap should be available right away in horde

I feel like there should be a power tap available right away in horde. The good teams I’ve played with don’t build anything until they get one anyway. Not sure why we have to wait for one?

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Honestly most people I’ve played with dont really use the taps. If you have a good Jack on your team then taps are worthless compared to the power you get from an upgraded forge.


The tap is an incredibly powerful asset. I just did a public 1-50 and without the tap we would have been screwed, we had our base built around two taps and were able to collect both every single round. Like OK IF, huge IF, you have a great jack then fine maybe you don’t need it, but how often does that happen? I’ve actually never once had a great jack. I’ve only played maybe a dozen hordes but still. And that’s not really even a reason not to have something. Like “well there’s one very specific time they won’t need this so let’s never give it to them.”

Imagine a base with a couple of power taps, lvl 4 forge, jack with right cards and then you get to level 40 and are having to to spend energy for the “fun” of it … last one we did we had lvl1 decoys and lvl 1 barriers scattered around in front the base where the turrets just ripped all incoming to shreds :grin:

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hey,sometimes we want to play as Jack to have fun,not just being a garbage collector.


That sounds fantastic! I wish you could control where the power tap went though, sometimes we just abandon one entirely because it’s too time consuming to collect or too risky to protect

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Waiting to build is the right strategy.

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Just completed master without taps, it’s not a requirement. A good Jack with a forge is really all you need.

The friends I run Horde with also dedicate some time every few waves t o collect guns for JACK. We just pile them all up by the Forge to make it easier and quicker for JACK so they don’t have to fly around during the battle and risk getting killed.

JACK uses Hijack on the last Drone sized enemy, make them chuck their own weapon in the Forge and they are literally no threat from that point so you can clear up any dropped weapons as a team. Aside from maybe smoke grenade tagging you.

On the topic of taps, my team always play harder difficulties now so the location of the base comes first. If taps appear nearby then we consider it, but the Forge is our main source of extra power.

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yea this is the same thing I do. The only thing is that the sniper elite can still tag you with shocks. Its pretty funny.

I have that skill maxed on Jack and carry it with me all the time as such. I deposit every drop of energy I collect and yet the engii does not bother to buy/upgrade the smelter but worries about buying more sentries. They won’t even bother to buy weapons lockers for the team. garbage noobs they r, even when people ask them to buy x thins or upgrade them, they won’t.

The decision to abandon a badly placed tap is a great decision … never continue to push a bad position, it ends up costing too much in resources. We had a recent run on training grounds, fab was up kings raven area to start, but first tap appeared the other side over by the front of theater spawn out in open, moved fab and base over to uplink. Tap 2 appeared in the range and tap 3 appeared right in uplink … Tap 2 & 3 and a lvl 4 forge was developing good energy and tap 1 is simply too out in the open, 4 of us had pretty much abandoned it but one player (as Fahz) had a bit of a emotional connection to tap 1 and just kept dragging lvl one barriers and turrets out the fab trying to get it “protected” … was a fools folly,