POV: You're watching a Gears of War video in 2007

pls rate 5 stars out of 5.


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I’ll make sure to favorite it.

if I get 25 favorites ill upload a kung-fu flip tutorial

edit: also it may warm your heart to learn that reddit does not like me

I just can’t, but slick video.

Those reddit replies are so cringe. Keep living with that Gears of War 1 era mindset old men but Gears 5 movement is fun.


I feel like people who complain about 5s wallbouncing need a good long look at it in 3 or 4.

But who am I to speak. I only played a few hours of 4s Versus proper at best.

It doesn’t. Reddit is a cess pool that just promotes mob mentality

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Damn we’re slandering reddit now?

I actually hate reddit because it’s single handedly responsible for killing almost every specialized forum. It’s what Walmart is to the local Hardware store.

Yet you post to it.

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Yeah I go to Walmart, buy things from Amazon, eat at fastfood chains, and post/read Reddit every day. These businesses are harmful, it’s just too much trouble to not use them. I also use Twitter, stream on Twitch & watch YouTube religiously despite my hatred for their egregious bannings. They’re too big to avoid.


One day, we might be friends.

Doubt it though.

You’d have to acknowledge lag comp actually disadvantages lower ping.

If by slander you mean the truth, then yes.

This is basically reddit in a nutshell

Buddy of mine likes to call Reddit some bad word I cannot say here but rhymes with “Reddit”
I’m sure it can be figured out.

That’s rapid-browsing social media in general, paired with the horrors of search engine filter bubbles and major corporate funneling practices. “Here’s your box, now stay in it, and here are the adjacent boxes for you to hate and war with.”

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True, but I feel the problem is exacerbated with reddit in particular. With subreddits being just specialized echo chambers for whatever topic they’re about. And since downvoted comments get hidden, it basically boils down to “Toe the line in this subreddit or have your opinion silenced”