Pouncers In Escape

I have a question: Did the Coalition suddenly change the Pouncers in Escape to suddenly kill you if they pounced on you?

I just tried to do the Descent Solo on Advanced and I was waiting for the Raven to pick me up. I took damage from some leeches and then a Pouncer pounced on me. However, there was no B button that appeared. The game didn’t allow me to resist and kick it off me. It just killed me. I rage quit from that because it shouldn’t have happened. I should’ve been able to resist.

When your health is low(nearly downed) and a pouncer pounces on you, it will kill you.

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If you’re solo and on the helipad, a pouncer pouncing on your ends the game. It’s infuriatingly stupid.

Yup. This change only came aboit relatively recently. Maybe op5 or 6?

It’s a new change.

If you are by yourself and on the LZ, the pouncer insta-kill you if it pounces on you.


I have been able to survive one jump on the helipad, but the second one is instant game over.

Correction of what the others mentioned:

The Pouncer only insta-executes you when the gates are shut,even if you just managed to free yourselves when the gates fully sealed (I know since I’ve done numerous attempts solo on The Surge).

Gates being shut also comes with other side-effects such as starting with 0 Ultimate progression in the saferoom again (even if you previously maybe had it ready).

EDIT: This Pouncer mechanic you can also use to your advantage. I noticed the enemies don’t move if you’re in the execution phase and by yourselves. Considering the gates are in the process of being sealed, you could stall the execution just before either your health is depleted or the gates are fully sealed. Prevents enemies from walking any further on that duration.


What? Wow that is nice to know.

Yeah usually when you are in trouble in general be it sire or pouncer enemies leave you be. The only enemy This doesn’t apply to the matriarch I’ve seen her walk over to people that have been pounced yank them from underneath the pouncer and wishbone them. Since the pouncer pounce is a damage based qte and not a time based one like the sires and drone execution if you have some sort of healing. Like jacks beam or the tactician healing resupply or the veterans ult with stim. so long as your health doesn’t reach 0 you can be pinned forever.


Question, since I now will focus more on getting Jack to 20 for the new Seriously. If a Sire grabs somebody, you use the taser and not the healing beam right? Sire kills you on a timer from my understanding?

Yes, Sires will release anyone they have grabbed after they have taken a certain amount of damage. Just bear in mind that on higher difficulties or higher waves, JACK’s laser beam may not do enough damage though so you may need help from something else too.

The zapper has the stun effect and I’m pretty sure that does free you from Sires.

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Sires let go of people after they lose about half their health. When the game first came out jack had problems saving Teammates from being beat up by drones and dragged by sires. To fix this when ever someone is in trouble by one of those enemies jack deals 10x the damage I believe so he tends to get them off almost instantly. The ai teammates also benefit from the same thing which is why if you are grabbed by a sire they tend to kill it/get it off of you in a single knife swing instead of 3 like it takes us.

Yeah you wanna damage them off of teammates stun effects don’t work I’ve tried flashbanging a sire off someone it doesn’t do anything. I watched one if my old clips just now and yeah jack does deal 10x damage to enemies in timer based qte I went from 103 in the clip 1035. They’ve given jack his various different buffs and nerfs I remember when jack could actually stun wardens it was back in op 5 or 4 I think. But he can’t do that anymore.