Potential Op7 Bug in Escape

Hi All,

Since the start of Op7, I’ve been noticing an unpleasant, alarm-like sound in Escape especially near the saferoom doors and showers. Is this an audio glitch or bug? Does anyone else experience this? Almost sounds like a car alarm lol.

I thought that the sound was a result of some accessibility changes they made into the game but it doesn’t seem so.


Yeah, i’m hearing it too. I just naturally assumed they added it to the rooms for reasons and its not actually a bug lol.

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It’s bothersome lol I keep checking out my window to see if I’ve been carjacked lmao


I know that feeling lol. A decent amount of time passed before I realized it was coming from the game lol.

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Haven’t heard this, mind providing a clip? The only alarm sound I remember hearing in the game in a saferoom was when the doors open because of the venom.

Ive heard this too, its when u r in the decon showers.

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I’ll try to get a video of it later tonight

I’ve noticed it a few times, not really a fan of it. Always feels like it’s IRL rather than in the game, don’t like it at all.

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It’s most obvious while opening the saferoom door and while you’re in the showers.

Yeah there is definitely an Alarm bell in the safe room.
Figured it was intended and it didn’t bother me much.

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That sound drives me insane every time. It’s the sound that plays when you can’t reach someone via phone.
Feels completely out of place.

I literally can’t hear anything that I haven’t before. That sound occurs when hitting the door/shower switches and as far as I recall has always been there.

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You can’t hear anything with that music playing. I’ll record one where you can actually hear it.

This definitely has something to do with the new ping-system. Sound only plays when looking into certain directions.

You can clearly hear it in this clip.

Was that intentional @TC_Sera?

/mirror in case the other link breaks: https://www.trueachievements.com/gameclip.aspx?clipid=175936466

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Thanks - yeah the audio wasn’t the best in my clip. But I’m 100% sure that’s a new sound lol

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It absolutely is. Like I said, it’s driving me insane and no one else seems to notice it or is bothered by it.

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Well that’s a lot more obvious. Still, I don’t tend to pay particular attention to audio beyond for when the door is about to open in the saferoom. So I hadn’t noticed this at all playing the mode in Op 7. Also more obvious if music is turned off.

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Definitely driving me insane. My friend noticed it too when we were running Escapes for ToD medals.

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Stupid question but you definitely have the navigation ping turned off?

At least it’s not as bad as the text chat not working at all.

I double checked. It’s off and sounds different when turned on.

Fair point.