Post your Setup thread

Inspired by @BcuzimDRAGON’s post, let’s see those setups.

As a bonus, you can see my meal for the day.

Edit: If this flops, you saw nothing.


You ever see the white bunny

uhhhh I just googled it and couldnt even find it.

Wanna share but don’t want snubbs to see my clicks

Probably uses two mice, one in each hand.

One hand is keyboard. The second hand is all controller

Omg you had to Google that reference?

I didnt even get it when I googled it lmao

i need a new desk and i just moved in so the walls are bare but this is my rig

Edit added more pics. Does anyone else sticker bomb their pc with whatever they find?

@Aloha_its_Kyle @TC_Clown i wanna see your setups nerds



lol I’ve never seen it

Who are you?

the only films I watch are either foreign or horror lol.

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Ugh…so weird

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It just isnt thoughhhhhh

You can also combine the two!


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I’ll post mine later. I have company over.

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Thanks papi :two_hearts::pleading_face:

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I’m on console, Uth.

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I’m on console. Duh. @UthyrTheImpure