Post your Horde tier list or tell me why mine sucks

As I hit level 20 with each class, I figured I’d share the tier list I’ve been tinkering with for a while. Feel free to make yours Here.

  • This list is based on Master difficulty only. On lower difficulties, classes like Brawler and Combat Medic go much higher up the list.

  • This is just a visual representation of how I feel about each class.

  • You could consider the top range of the tier to be a “+” and bottom tier to be a “-“ (ie A+ Tier, A Tier, A- Tier)

  • I believe all classes have viability on Master, and that it just comes down to the player controlling the class. A good Striker is better than a bad Infiltrator.

  • This list assumes the class is controlled by competent players who understand the class and the dynamic of their team composition.

  • I will admit I am lacking a lot of experience with the promos.

SS tier. Demo and Infiltrator seem obvious to me. Both classes have insane DPS with just skill cards and abilities alone, and aren’t dependent on perks to function. You can likely outdamage almost any other class without even perking at all. Both classes have a very high Damge Output:Energy Consumed ratio, and are therefore a positive on the energy economy. Similar to how the top classes of Escape are the ones that don’t require ammo, the best classes of Horde are the ones that require the least energy to hit their potential. Sure, you can run a lockerless Demo but that’s much more inefficient on energy.

Infiltrator’s best weapon only costs 2000 power or can be given free by the Engineer. She can leisurely perk up Shotgun Damage and that’s all she really needs - no locker or anything.

Marksman is borderline completely OP - clears entire waves with speed and zero risk. There’s a few things holding it back from SS Tier: The class is fairly mediocre against most bosses unless using Icy Precision and the class likes to perk up more.

Blademaster is probably the class I have fun playing the most. It has the highest learning curve so I could understand why people might underrate this class. She’s probably the most perk-dependent class in the game, needs cash for Breaker Maces, etc. She’s got high DPS and is deceptively tanky, and can safely deal with most bosses using the Ult. Infiltrator does kill bosses faster than her though and can deal with flyers a bit better, all while reaching her max potential before Blademaster can.

Anchor is the only class in their current form that has a recorded solo Master on a 1-50 Horde (correct me if I’m wrong). The DPS isn’t insane, but this class is just a beast when you’re fully perked up and utilizing Bullet Chain. The damage is very good and very consistent. With the barrier up, you’re shooting nonstop which is a more positive thing compared to classes that take damage and have to retreat in cover. The team utility is excellent and can shield the team and provide stim to the team, while the barrier provides a good “Oh Sh*t” button when things start going south and there’s a potential wipe that can occur.

I won’t go into the other classes so much.

A-Tier are very good, amazing picks. I can’t decide if I like Pilot better or Gunner better and keep flip-flopping between the two. I ultimately put Pilot ahead because of the huge relief that is felt when I Pilot activates the Silverback when things get dicey. I think Jack is the ultimate support character, can do decent damage and that most people give Jacks a bad name. I know a person who plays Master with his 10-year-old and he’s only able to do that because of Jack lol.

B-Tier are pretty solid picks. I’m not a Combat Medic fan. I think the class has subpar damage on Master. Compared to Jack, Combat Medic is more dependent on perks, usually wants a locker, and isn’t as great of a healer as Jack. Jack can hijack things that get too close to the base and stir up a distraction amongst the other enemies while doing solid damage with bleed. I remember once, a few Boomshot Scions began invading the base and started downing people. As Jack, I Hijacked the Mulcher Scion behind them, killed the 2 Boomshot Scions and then revived the team. What the heck could I have done in that situation as a lame Combat Medic?

C-Tier are pretty meh. These classes certainly need Horde buffs, while I think A and B are perfect as is. Actually, Combat Medic could use buffs too lol. The +30% rifle damge buff is actually pretty lazy. Give him a healing pistol, healing grenades the regenerate or something idk.

D-Tier certainly most definitely needs buffs.

Okay that’s it.

TLDR: I have opinions.

EDIT: After discussion and some thinking, here is my updated tier list. I keep Infiltrator top-tier, despite several others saying she’s weak against certain enemies. Why is she still top-tier? A tanky, self-reliant, high DPS assassin that is strong as hell from Wave 1. Not many other classes can say that. Besides, I think Marksman is one of the best classes in the game and he doesn’t really have an answer for Wakatu or Flock. I ultimately think Blademaster is a bit of a better class than Infiltrator, once both are fully perked up.


Everyone’s always so down on Architect. No way is it as bad as Striker.

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As a character with an Engineer role, I don’t think the class is that great. Barely gets any energy savings compared to the other class and I think the DR-1 is just fine as a decoy that can do great bleed damage.

Architect is a very underrated Escape class though.

Perhaps I should have moved Architect up a tier. I actually had it there at one point.

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Too much to say as I have made a thread before about the horde tier list, but here’s my current view of horde tier list

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I wonder why? Perhaps it’s because it’s useless as an Engineer and there are already two Engineer classes that are way stronger and have much better cards.

As someone who plays engineer a lot, I got my Architect to 20 and shoved it in the trash can never to be played again.

I cannot think of a single situation in horde where I would choose Architect over Mechanic or RE.


Yes, there’s no advantage to choose architect when there’re mechanic and robotic expert.

My top 3 horde frenzy most played classes are mechanic, robotic expert and blademaster, so I really know architect is an undefined class by far.

No bonus on lockers, no extra discounts card on fortifications, no defense bonus on fortifications, restricted condition on damage output by relying the ultimate are the reason why this class is the poorest in horde.

Architect and Striker dont deserve to be in the bottom. Anchor and Pilot should be on top.

Blademaster is about where it should be. If BM could kill Kestrel easily then that class would be in the top tier.

Marksman should be in top tier to me.

Assuming max cards and you are on master, yes, you still need perks to one shot bigger enemies after the health bonus kicks in. But nothing comes close to its kill and survivability if you are accurate.

Literally impossible for enemies to shoot you while you shoot them from miles away through a wall in 1-2 shots. Can kill guardians/sentinels through walls with 1/2 criticals…same with Wardens.

Rejects/Trackers/Snatcher/Carrier/Flock are truly the only problems for marksman…but are very easy to handle by your team. Firing through a wall at the front of a matriarch is so overlooked. It does massive damage and the way she faces doesnt matter…just aim center mass


Your HordeTier is far more accurate compared to OP’s.

Although I would bump Infiltrator to SS tier.

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It could if it can kill kestrel.

I think you have switched quite a few things around compared to the thread you’ve made, interesting to see! I’m surprised you think Tact should be higher than Demo or that Slugger is that high up there.

I can’t disagree. If anybody wants to tell me that Marksman is the best class in the game, I would approve. Class is nuts.

Well, technically the list is about Horde, so if that’s where you think it is as a class for Horde, then stick with it. Escape shouldn’t come into it in terms of criteria.

Doesn’t she spawn with a Retro :sweat_smile:

Tact is multi-functional more than slugger & demo.

Slugger is so simple as to throw frags, but the ultimate isn’t that effective, which I mean you can only apply to single enemy.

Demo uses so many resources to build up his potential of damage output.

Hence, they’re downgraded to S Tier.

Usually give it to the engineer :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t understand when people say this. Demo only needs a level 4 weapons locker and that’s it. A locker from the Engineer, plus buying some frags to kill yourself is less than 20,000 energy (no power drain). Tact requires at least level 10 ammo perk which that alone costs more energy.

Ironically I still need to level up my Demo so my Marksman thoughts are skewed.

Am i able to run the “best” cards for demo at lv17?

I havent used the class on any of higher difficulties because i much prefer sniping compared to booming.

Veteran can easily kill the Kestrel… I did it last night, with triple health and triple damage…

Why do people focus so much on the kestrel?

Demolition need another 22,500 perk for ultimate cooldown to maximize the damage output.

It’s not about the reason why I focus on Kestrel only, but if that certain class isn’t effective to kill some kind of bosses. They would be downgraded, which is much fair.

Like saying every class has 100 points. If they can’t do several tasks, they would deduct some points. Therefore, it’s much easy to separate the tier.

I mean sure, but I feel like that’s more of a “bonus” than a requirement to function. Tact also wants to put the points into kill cooldown to maximize the damage output too.