Post update feelings

SO after the update the game feels very inconsistent. I hope in Gears 5 they give a clear definition of what kills and what doesn’t. What I mean is certain gnasher shots don’t kill but other non active shots practically snipe you down. The Lancer is different too, it should be 11 hits with active and down, I was experiencing a range from 10-13 hits for a down. Bouncing feels a little off, I find myself rolling into walls that are right in front of me which is pretty much a death sentence. I’m not sure if you guys feel this way, but I’m just not sure. I’ve also been running into a lot of lancer warriors lately so was there an update surrounding the lancer?

It’s the same old thing with these updates. They always change something that doesn’t need to be changed. Like the weapon tuning for example. They wanted to cater to esports so they made 2 weapon tunings and messed up all the guns. They don’t know how to fix anything.