Post TU4 New bugs/breaks

Making this thread as a place to post all bugs/unintended change/interactions that we find post TU4

Please feel free to add in, but be sure of any information you post. We want to report things that are true only, no misinformation.

** DISCLAIMER ** Please still go through the motion of filling out a bug report for each and every bug you find in the game, this thread serves only as a community knowledge source so we can inform each other of what is wrong. TC still needs a direct bug report on these issues in order to properly respond. We can’t expect Octus to scour the forums every day to check threads like these.

You can fill out a bug report here-

It will help if you include videos. Please try to include a 30 second follow up to the incident of the bug, as well as a 30 second period after the incident.

Thank you for helping the team maintenance the game!!! ****


Someone reported that in KOTH on Icebound, the very first ring wasn’t along the centre line - so one team had an advantage.

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A weird glitch when it shows the last remaining players on the top left of the screen. Either the potraits are too close together, or they’re too far apart either horizontally or vertically.

There’s also a glitch in the transition between regular screen and Tac/Com concerning the top left. Instead of sliding a bit, it just teleports. This happens sometimes, and only on one of them.

Enemy grenade plants still fully show in the Tac/Com instead of partially, like in Gears 4.

You still can’t respawn in Guardian if your leader died after you.

The Ripper execution is STILL glitched. The animation of the character throwing the victim’s arms on the floor (has like 2 variations) is skipped, and the killer says a praise quote.

When matchmaking, the status is too far down (probably to make space for the estimated wait time). The estimated time is invisible when starting a private game, making the status show too far down.

The character descriptions are WAY too high. The Horde and Escape tabs on character customization sometimes disappears.

Ever since Gears 4, the Swarm/Locust has a regular heartbeat when hurt, and a double heartbeat (classic Locust) when downed. Just give them a double heartbeat. To add to this the DeeBee still has a heartbeat when hurt, but none when downed. Just remove the heartbeat for the DeeBee. I’ll assume the Terminator has this problem too.

Speaking of the Terminator, change its footsteps. They sound exactly like the DeeBee’s. Give it the Gears 4 DeeBee steps or something.

Now, this can’t be a glitch, since it hasn’t happened yet in Gears 5, but if the Lambent do come back, give them Imulsion blood.

Tour of Duty still gets the infinite loading glitch.

Permanent flash filters still happen.

You still can’t view someone’s gamercard when the game ends. This is important, as it’s the best time to report quitters.

The wrong character still taunts a downed enemy. I don’t understand how this is still a problem.


Countdown timer in Horde seems to be gone.

Can you submit a ticket about your missing Cards on We can manage support requests and track them through there (response times are improving, promise - the team is being grown for CS). Twitter / Forums are not official support channels I’m afraid.

Let me know your ticket number once you’ve posted.


That’s intentional. Respawns are off once leader dies. The fix was for players joining in progress while the leader is alive not being able to respawn.


Thanks for the bug reports all, I’m getting them logged as we speak.


How big is the update? Looks like windows is having me redownload the whole game of 49.33gbs! Wtf

I’m not sure what’s going on but the consistency on the Gnasher and overall hit detection is much worse than before. I am on PC using a controller and enemies that aren’t even moving are taking no damage on many occasions.

I’m also sticking to walls a ton and getting off of them is proving to be a chore. Not sure why that would happen after this update but it’s happening.


Kinda unfair for those who died while the leader was alive, expecting a respawn since their leader was alive, like in every other Gears game. Especially since we STILL see the respawn timer as it gets stuck on READY like it’s glitched.

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Sticking to a wall was a problem to me since the first release, I thought that it’s only my reflexes getting old. The issues seems to be amplified when two players are close to each other and/or besides each other in a cover…



But in 3 games tonight it’s worse than I’ve ever seen. Granted, the update doesn’t seem to have touched this but it’s definitely become more of an issue tonight.

The shot registration is absolutely horrid though. I’d rather play pre-patch after what I’ve seen tonight.

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After playing the new hive, I’ve noticed:

  • Flashes not working correctly, around stairs or ledges, they also bounce weirdly to some materials and structures.

  • Flashes sometimes have a delay stun effect towards enemies, I doubt its lag

Flash screen glitch is still there and also this isn’t a bug but my ocd lol but the picture of the map icebound still has that cover panel in it when they took it out. Can they alter the picture?

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two potential bugs to report in Arcade

#1 is an old bug that has been around since launch. Hitting Y to buy weapons fails to bring up selection menu. usually( pre TU4) this would fix itself after re-spawning but after three games it was not fixed(post TU4)

EDIT: removed #2. working as intended, ty @Four_Ton_Mantis

Trying to use chat during respawn had the on screen keyboard lag out. When i finally got it to cancel back to the game I was stuck fighting the button inputs that had happened while I tried to cancel the keyboard. After five or six seconds it ran out of delayed inputs and I was able to move properly again.

Every one in the lobby was sub 50 ping and stable, so not sure this was just lag.


#2 is intended, that’s just how their passive ability functions. Since kills award you active reloaded bullets, it replenishes your 1 bullet immediately without the need to reload. It’s even more broken with boom or dropshot, don’t miss and you have yourself a semi-auto explosive.

TC better keep their grubby little hands off of it. It’s the most fun thing about those characters.

Thank you for the direct acknowledgement. It goes a very long way.

I’ll go through the motions again, sorry for the frustration.

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Horde wave 20 on lift,The whole screen froze, sent me back to the main dashboard,I was playing as jack,Everything was ok yesterday played 4 matches,since the TU 4 update the bug is back again,please Tc can u look into this many thanks

hello mate, same experience, i think it was due to the numerous amount of updates that where done as part of TU4.

it was literally just past the hour mark

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