Post Operation 8 Store Items

Hey guys, I was wondering if the character skins/items in the store that are currently available to purchase with iron will be available to purchase with coin or even iron after they disappear from the store? I don’t see them after the week the items change anywhere. (i.e: Hollow Rager, Heroic Raam etc) Will they return for purchase at all?

All your answers are in this thread:

The short answer is this:


Sweet thanks!

Also, I’m wondering will they release Tour of Duty rewards that we previously missed? (i.e: Lambent Raam, Blood Moon Speaker)

General Reward skins have been previously said to be exclusive rewards to people who played those periods, so highly unlikely we’ll see those come back.

Damn, that sucks. Would make to keep playing Gears 5 more enticing since they’re not doing anything for this game anymore