Possibly game breaking design flaw? (need help)

Hello everyone,

So I recently bought the game pass mainly to have a look into Gears Tactics. And what can I say, I played the first act and I like the game so far, but here comes the problem: After finishing Act 1 I wanted to clean up my roster because the recruits I had were pretty undeleveled at this point. So I stripped them of their gear and released them.

After that I wanted to play the next mission but the game tells me that Sid and Makayla are not allowed for this mission. So I put Cole, Gabe and a Heavy in the team and wanted to start the mission. But the mission requires 4 squad members and I only have 5 in total and two of them are not allowed!

Since I released all the undeleveled recruits there is noone left to recruit and I simply can not play any further.
Is there any solution to this problem? This seems like a pretty stupid design choice that something like this is possible.
I also have no previous save data I could use.

Thanks in advance.

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you can start a mission below the req number of gears

But how?
When I try the start the mission the message “4 Units are required to launch this mission” pops up and I can only click “ok”.

maybe just reset chapter.

Those are early missions,and they put the member limit so you wont get too difficult game.

after reset you can buy new gears at act2

REset is at mission’s right below corner

The “reset progress” button is greyed out. I assume because I am stuck before the first mission of the second chapter, so there is no progress to reset.

This is so…

I’m experiencing the exact same issue for act 2 chapter 1. Cleaned out the extra available units before trying to start the mission and now can only select 3 available and won’t let me deploy.

Yeah I don’t think there is a solution to this.

I’m not willing to play act 1 again so I abandened the game.

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You should be able to reset the act, not just the chapter. In theory, resetting the act will reset act 2

How do you reset the act? The only reset option seems to be from the missions screen where it has “reset progress” in the bottom right corner which is currently greyed out

Has anyone found any updates to this? I accidentally just did this to myself and now I can’t progress in the game.

Makes no sense why the game would let you dismiss troops needed if it requires 4 minimum. What a load of crap. Or why not just let me start with 3 players? @TC_Octus

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I don’t have a solution for this that wouldn’t involve restarting your entire game, but want to inform you that Octus no longer works at TC for a few months now. His account is dormant and likely not being looked at.

Isn’t there a way to revert to a save prior to getting rid of the units needed to start the mission? Outside of the obvious that doesn’t work in this case.

there is no fix and tickets regarding it are ignored

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This is ■■■■■■■ nonsense. Why does the game let you delete them if you need them. Is there any fix for this???


im honestly shocked this thread wasnt closed already

Yeah especially because it shows they don’t care about their players. This would be the easiest patch in the world. If you are short of the required amount of characters then you can always press Y to recruit more. The fact that the button is grayed out is beyond me. And their auto save system sucks too. At this point in time all games auto save every 30 minutes or so. Not gears tactics though. Be prepared to replay an entire level of you want to reload right at the end. Trash developers and trash service for ignoring all our tickets. At least do us the dignity of responding and admitting you’re too lazy and don’t care enough to rectify this incredibly stupid oversight.


I can’t believe this still hasn’t been fixed. I refuse to start this over. I’m abandoning the game. Guess I’ll watch YouTube vids to see how it ends. This is complete trash service. Can’t believe this is how it ends for me. :expressionless:

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Try this guide:

It helped me! One of the backup savefiles worked

this is a very good possible solution and i commend you for posting it

This is absolute trash. I’m playing on xbox so the guide above doesn’t works for me. Im stucked in exactly the same chapter and I’m so freaking mad about having to leave the game apart because of this


For anyone stuck with this BUG, which is how it should be called, I found the solution (and even chipped in with additional points that came up when I followed the guide , I am YourSgt :smiley:):

Ok the next lines are part of my rant, so if you are just interested in the fix, feel free to stop here.

I am baffled that I have seen the same topic in this forum , like this: http://forums.gearsofwar.com/t/act2-chapter1-dismissed-recruits/56181,, where the user called Belkain states that this is not a bug, that the problem lies with the players. I don’t know if he is a developer , but in the case he is, from developer to developer, that kind of PEBKAC answers (Problem Exists Between the Key And The Chair) are unprofessional to say the least and more so if the users are right and hella unproductive. Your job is to make systems/apps/programs which are not be breakable by your users, either intentionally or unintentionally . Sure we all make mistakes, but when the error lies on YOUR side, you take in the blame, apologize and try to fix it as soon as possible, if not for the users, you should do it to respect your craft, which is programming.

This is an evident flaw in the game system which blocks any kind of progression for the player, it is a BUG (not a feature, I am looking at you Todd) and a game breaking one., and it should be treated as one.