Possible Units and Classes/Customization Desires

What possible classes do you think might be in the game if there are any and how would you want them too work?

But if there were, then no Scout.
But if there’s Scout, then Scout shouldn’t have Deposit Ability.
But if they do, then Power/$ shouldn’t drop from enemies.
But if they do, then I cba.

If there’s Classes, Engie/Soldier/Sniper seems like obvious ones.
All three of these were in Judgment Survival and Overrun, as well as Horde 3.0.

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Agreed with the idea of no power dropping. I personally would not want them either but because I saw the sniper I thought of a system similar to XCOM Classes. Heck you could even do a support classes like XCOM with Jack.

I didn’t realise this was for Gears Tactics, but I do have some ideas.
I’ve played a few games similar to what this is supposed to be.

Sniper would have longest Range, obviously.
There could be Heavy Class like Boomer, that does mid-Range Heavy Damage.
An Artillery-type Class that fires Mortar, much further Range than Heavy, no Line of Sight required.
Some sort of Medic to heal the other infantries.
Maybe some sort of Hammer Strike?
Mines could be placed on some cells, like Grenade Plants.
And if a character is on a cell adjacent to enemy and yours has a Gnasher Shotgun, that could be insta-kill opportunity.

Being a big XCOM fan, I would suggest basing the classes on the ones in this with tweaks and adjustments. Perhaps Heavy; Soldier; Sniper; Medic/Support. I don’t know how big the squads will be so maybe best to keep it to 4 classes for now.

Also if the classes implement a leveling up feature then skill trees would be nice if players can customise the same class but in different ways.

As an example in XCOM the classes’ skill trees broadly split into two paths. The equivalent of the Heavy class could be built into either (1) a grenadier style soldier with buffs to their explosives; or into a (2) machine gunner. There is a Scout/Ranger class whose skills are split into (1) an aggressive shotgun tree; or a (2) stealthy swordsman tree. You could pick and mix from both trees but some skills in each tree synergies better with other skills in that particular branch.

The key thing for Gears Tactics is (presumably) there will be a wide range of weapons available - some likely to be class restricted, but that would offer greater variety.

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I would love everything you suggested, but also have things like dead cog soldiers on the battlefield that have weapons like the Hammer of Dawn that you can go for, but only have a limited amount of turns that it would be able to be used for. Creating a risk/reward strat for not taking it slow.

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I also want meatshields to be in the game. Put an enemy into DBNO state and can use him as cover.

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Something like that may stretch TC beyond their capabilities :wink:

But don’t worry, RNG packs will have their dedicated button :laughing:

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I’ve been waiting for one of the big YouTube guys for gears of war do a video talking about gears tactics but nothing so far but if you watch the trailer they reveal three classes which are Sniper, Vangaurd, and Support.

Where there any descriptions as to what the classes involved?

Sniper is self-explanatory.

But Vanguard sounds like a sort of scout-CQC class. Maybe it involves some stealth as well?

Support - maybe they are a generic rifle user who has special abilities that buff teammates and debuff enemies? They could be the Medic for the team ands well?

In terms of extra classes, there’s a gap for a heavy weapons specialist, and an explosive assault class type.

Nope but the newest trailer showed those titles by the characters