Possible stupid horde question

Can anybody answer me this and forgive me if it’s a stupid question but how come I can’t buy certain weapons from the fabricator even when I have enough power. Tried to buy a retro lancer as Sarah Conor but wouldn’t let me.

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Hi man welcome to the community.

Sometimes if the power has been used that is deposited on the fabricator then it wont let you buy weapons.

Other situation apply to custom hordes where the host of the horde doesnt allow anyone to buy weapons only to deposit power into the fabricator. it depends.

I would suggest you to play horde on public in no hosted matches and you will be able to buy weapons with the power you have = ).

Playing on a random public Horde as JD a couple days ago, we had our Del leave around lvl 30 with a fairly well build base. I offered to collect the 10K energy to get a repair tool, to keep things going, but could not buy one when I was carrying the >10K energy, However discovered if I deposited it into the fab I could buy the repair tool, could be a bug that the energy needs to be in the fab not being carried by you

Cheers for the replies, it was a custom horde match I’ll try public.

She is equipped with lancer, so you can not buy retro. Kait can only buy shotgun, retro, overkill and tallon ammo