Possible solution for found and unlisted collectibles

The issue “Campaign collectibles registering as collected in-game but not appearing in the Collectibles Menu” has not resolve.
I found my lost collectibles (act 2 and 3) with a lot of patience : I had to redo the acts where they do not appear in the Collectibles Menu.
For this to work properly, I waited for the percentage of progress to appear on the display of the collected object, and after, I checked that it was present in the Collectibles Menu : sometimes, the percentage did not correspond to the real progression, and, I had to redisplay the menu several times in leaving the menu completely until the percentage of progression is ok.
So, before leaving the chapter, I made sure to have a save point.

And also, I have a problem with 2 achievements :

  • “Jack of All Trades” : I missed 2 Jack’s Ultimate upgrades while I had them all. So I had to redo the missions for each to find those that were not validated correctly.
  • “Discovered the True Threat to Sera” : I miss only one act while I finished the campaign… maybe the last one, I hope.

All of this seems to be a sync problem with the server…