Possible skin glitch

Ok, so I used iron to purchase the totem for Anthony carmine. Hadn’t started work on any of the 30k xp to unlock him. I then bought the recruit carmine skin and it popped up saying he’s available to play. The default skin is locked and the totem is gone, as are the challenges to unlock it. So now what do I do to unlock it?!
Thanks for any help

Have you tried restarting your machine? That solves this issue almost every time :slight_smile:

Its been there since the skin was sold in the store. I was hoping it was just a temporary glitch that would be resolved after a week or two. Alas, it hasn’t been the case.

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Sorry to hear that mate.

Please fill out a suppport ticket, wait times are very delayed but someone from TC should be able to solve this for you :slight_smile:


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Submitted. Thanks for that.

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No worries mate :slight_smile:

You said that you bought his skin only, right?

Cosmetics don’t unlock characters man, you have to either use more iron (for the character himself) or craft a totem if it’s available.

My issue personally is the Locust Drone… the kill COG challenge isn’t working on the totem so I don’t know if I should sent a ticket for that or use iron.

-Bring back the OG Gnasher!

I bought the totems for all of the carmines. Then the skin for anthony was in the store, bought it and now I cant unlock the skin totem itself but I can play as him as the recruit skin.

Yeah, that’s probably a bug…