Possible Plot Hole in Gears 5? (Spoilers)

I was finishing up some achievements in the Gears 5 Campaign and I possibly found a plot hole? I can overlook it (because honestly who cares), but I wanted to make sure cause I just find this stuff interesting.
I got to the bit where we were fighting Locust again and thought for a bit, shouldn’t they be dead because of the Gears 3 ending? Assuming they were in the lab at the end of Gears 3, wouldn’t Adam’s machine have killed them? I don’t know if they were safe because they were in test tubes or because they were made after the fact, but I was curious is all. Big Congrats to TC whether or not it’s a plot hole though, the amount of work that was put into the Campaign and Story is incredible.
Also if anybody wants to discuss other possible plot holes throughout the Gears story I don’t mind. I recall there being a lot throughout Gears 1 - Judgment.

Not a plot hole if you ask me. Adam’s countermeasure was not perfected/finished by the end of Gears 3 and clearly did not affect the Locust and Sires in stasis tanks like the Locust out in the world, so they did not evolve/mutate into a different form, from the looks of it.


Adams Countermeasure affected Imulsion, not Locust specifically so the ones in the tubes shouldn’t have been affected by it,