Possible New Swarm Game Mode

The title may seem like a bit of a stretch but there are 4 new banners that are linked to progression:

-Queen Myrrah
-The Speaker

Similar banners are earned for COG characters by levelling them up to level 17 in Horde/Escape.

This could be an error but what do you all think?

This is a theory I presented in another thread that asserted it’s probably Beast. While that’d be cool for OP4 it’s most likely an Escape knock-off that allows for Swarm/Locust use or something else entirely, maybe even Overrun?

I think it will be a new mode, just like escape was a big surprise on E3, I don’t know how they want to use myrrah in it, also we have only banners for the characters that were in some kind of leadership. It would be a nice mode lice inversed escape like you’re a leader of hive and you lead groups of swarm to beat the cogs.

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Umm this would be great. A new pvp game mode would be a great way to get a bunch of people back into the game. Only thing is then you have escape, pvp multiplayer, horde, and then this new mode. That’s ALOT to manage.

I’m personally waiting for map editor so the community can create some maps and host some custom games.

My bad. I should have searched beforehand.

I lean more towards the Escape knock-off as it would appear to be the use of ‘Villians’ going off the progression wording. I also can’t imagine TC using the resources to create such a major new game mode such as Beast mode or Overrun. As it stands they could add ultimates to the already existing versus characters.

Oh boy, maybe they’re finally gonna let us use swarm characters in horde and escape. :scream:

Doubtful. It’s 2 old and 2 new characters. You guys are getting worked up and hyped when TC has shown all they ever do is the exact opposite… a whole lotta nothin.

I bet it’s just more customization coming to the game in the form of an event that requires you to play with operation 1 and operation 3 swarm/locust characters.

Honestly, this game would be best if ppl started playing after sept 2020 and could retroactivity unlock past operations, that way, they’d get a bunch of maps, modes and stuff to do (instead of this drip feed bs we get every 3 long months) plus a bunch of cosmetics to unlock. I only feel the need to do the bare minimum each operation to get the skins I want, then I stop cause it’s mind numbingly boring.

Anyway… went off topic… no, we won’t get some amazing new mode. TC have shown over the years they have no imagination and we’ve already seen the bulk of content for op 3. Only extra stuff is events.