Possible New Characters for Multiplayer

So guys, just did some research on gears events and characters from the games and comics.
And there are lots of them who could be playable and given voices (hopefully not the reused gear voices).

Some have faces, but only in the comics and haven’t been used yet for multiplayer. There are even facts about some found in gears collectables.

An idea I have is to show squad Alpha 7
(a group that was also in the hallows)
It included Jace Stratton,
Jonathan Harper and Harper’s Doctor “Vivian Merriweather” who was in the comic (Harper’s Story) but not in Alpha 7
And if we are still doing packs it would be the Alpha 7 pack

If someone can get pitures of the three up it would be awesome.

Tell me what you guys think about the possible characters and help me build on the idea if you can.:slight_smile::+1:

would be cool to see some of the squads and characters that where in the comics and not the games, like alpha 7.
one thing a hope TC doesn’t do is make the D carmine brother, at this point it should just stay a mystery who he is.

Pesanga Commandos from Aspho Fields

I love to see this New Marcus or new concepts like this

In “Gears of war 4”, this would be a start. Besides, there is no Marcus Zombi, it seems to me?!?

Jace stratton was actuallyin Gears UE i don’t see a problem with him being added back in.

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I just wanna get Gears 3 Dom (Vday/human) I know the zombie variant is in the game but it doesn’t feel the same. Plus it would be easy as I’m guessing they used the normal character model to design the zombie version.

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Zeta squad please. Barrick, Valera, J.Stratton. Tai and Ming Kim already exist.

Voice acting.

TC have said that through 2018 they’ve mostly shifted to releasing variants of existing characters because creating new character skins is alot of work. So by creating variants they can recycle existing voice recordings which cuts out some of the work. With Jace they would need a new voice actor (either the original one from GOW3 or a new soundalike).

Basically while it’s not impossible that TC will release a character who hasn’t already appeared in GOW4, it is very unlikely.

by the time gears 4 runs out and there will be no onyx guard… i’m gonna get pissed