Possible Jack buff ideas for future?

I dunno if it was ever discussed or brought up by devs but would it be possible to allow jack to detach tri shots and salvos by himself from guardian and sentinel corpses? As well as the ability to mark weapons on the ground would be nice.

Also, maybe it’s just me and my squad but we strongly appreciate the value of cryo cannons in being able to quickly dispatch of flying enemies, but this sentiment does not seem to be shared by the general player base. Would it be possible to buff jack so that when he hijacks an infantry-class enemy he has the ability to retrieve weapons (and more specifically heavy weapons) off of weapons lockers for use? It sounds pretty overpowered, given his new bleed card, but it’s very frustrating in solo queuing games as jack to use chat to tell people to use the cryos that you’ve gathered to kill guardians and sentinels when they try to strafe the team and nobody even touches them, leaving you all to die

I’m still wondering why Jack isn’t about the same or as close to his Campaign counterpart. He’s great in the campaign but in horde it’s like we got Dave or something.


The number one buff that Jack needs is having emotes.

Jack needs executions! Why not?

And why can’t Jack have scorcher like the Silverback?

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Yes please. If nothing else it would be fun to watch. Floating death ball.